Sunday, May 3, 2015

Melted Crayon fun art

Good morning!!!  I finally saw one of my friends from Christmas and I was able to give her her Christmas present that I made for all my girlfriends so now I can share it with you. :)  I had seen this on a friends blog and decided last summer it was what I wanted to do. Since my group of friends is all scrapbookers doing a crafty project is just fun.

Isn't this cute and fun?  I had a blast making them and they were so bright. 

So what did I do. Here ya go!!!

I collected the supplies I was going to need. Since this was a gift I didn't want to make it huge so I just used an 8x10" canvas. Then I got packs of crayons and used my glue gun and heat gun I had here at home. These canvases did not have hangers on the back so I added those before I got started on the project.  

Then I sorted out the colors I wanted to use and put them in a semi rainbow order.  Here are the colors I used in order if you love my selection:  carnation pink, lavender, violet red, red, yellow orange, orange, red orange, scarlet, yellow, dandelion, goldenrod, green yellow, yellow green, granny smith apple, green, sky blue, cornflower, blue, indigo, wisteria, purple mountain majesty, blue violet and violet.  I now have boxes with the other unused colors in them. LOL my boys think its funny when they grab one of those and it only has such random colors. Although they do have cerulean in them which everytime I see it I think of he Devil Wears Prada and that just makes me smile. :)

Next up I used the glue gun and adhered the crayons down to the canvas. I used a lot of hot glue and I still ended up going back and adding a little bit to some of them.

And here it is my line of color.  I was pretty happy with it and I love the way they will bleed down the page.

This is how I held the mat to start the heating process. I held it up at a slight angle so that things would run down the canvas.

Here is one of the canvases. I used a heat gun that I use for scrapbooking so it really does a centralized heating and I was kindof able to control how the flow ran.  I wanted it to blend and run in different directions so I had to move the heat gun around since when I just held it in place the colors ran straight down and that wasn't the look I was going for this time.

Four of the canvases I created. I ended up making more of them but this was my first batch.  I actually thought I was done for awhile but the more I looked at them the more I thought they needed something else.

So I looked around and decided that they needed some initials.  These are actually stencils from a build a banner kit I have from Stampin' Up. I had thought that I would actually melt the crayon over it so that it would be a nice raised letter but uhm yea the stencils are plastic so when I got the heat gun too close it was warping the stencil. LOL So instead I took the crayon and colored in the letter and then I heated it with the gun right on the canvas.  I did this a couple times and I got a nice raised shiny image that I was happy with.

If you decide to try this make sure to have something on your table as the crayon will splatter a bit. I also didn't have little helpers with me when I did this but they keep asking if they can make one so we might be doing that soon. We will just have to be very careful with all of the hot tools that we used but I know they will think its great.

Have fun and happy crafting!!!

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