Tuesday, May 26, 2015

TV Talk "Now It's Time to Say Goodbye" 2015 Edition

Well now that most of the season/series finales have aired and we've had the upfronts I want to do a Now it's time to say goodbye post. This is going to be about the shows that I've either dropped this season or that have been cancelled.  I will do a post soon about the shows that I think really stepped up their game later on.

Who remembers my post back in the fall with the chart for the shows I plan to watch this season?  If you want a refresher you can see it HERE. Lets go day by day based on my Fall Chart.


  • Gotham - I never really got into this show. I had high hopes for it and I set the Tivo to record it but I somehow just never felt the need to watch it and I finally dropped it all together.
  • 2 Broke Girls - While you won't see it on my chart there is a note about it on the bottom. I'm not sure what is up with it this season but M and I have about 10 episodes left to go. I'm sure we will watch them this summer but if this causes a conflict in the fall I'm ready to let it go.
  • Forever - This one has me really sad as I really liked this show and I think it really was gaining strides as the season went on. Unfortunately ABC decided to cancel it and while it is making a big uproar online and there is talk of it going to another network we are still left without a show for now :(  I will miss this one next season.
  • Red Band Society - I don't really know what to say about this one. I did record it and I did watch it and I liked it but it never really caught on with anyone and it just kindof played out its run and ended. They did kindof know it was going to end though so the finale was good and really ended the limited run.
  • Two & a Half Men - I think I'm one of the rare people who stuck with this show the whole time.  While this final season wasn't my favorite I actually liked Ashton taking over and his story line. My favorite was when Amber Tamblyn was on. She was a hoot.  I do think they really jumped the shark on the last episode. I mean if you are going to build up to a Charlie Sheen return you really need to have him return or just go in another direction.  I was left a little flat with that but otherwise it is a show I will miss.
  • Constantine - Again another superhero show I had high hopes for but then never got around to watching.  Hmm maybe that is why it was not picked up ;) I did hear it was pretty good and there is a chance it could go to another network so if that happens I'll have to make sure to catch up and try it out.
  • Glee - This was a midseason show that while I never watched it religiously each week during its run I felt compelled to watch the last season and really it did not disappoint.  I enjoyed them closing out the storylines and really getting back to the main kids that we have always cared about.  The finale was also great. I love when a finale either does a lot of flashbacks or shows me some flash forward and Glee did both. They did an hour where they showed how everyone met and then in the last hour they did a 5 year jump forward to show us a glimpse of what everyone is up to.  Very well done Glee very well done.
  • I don't think I dropped anything on Sunday this year :)
So I think those are the shows that will not be on my chart come fall 2016 either due to me or due to the network. Do you have any shows you are really going to miss or that you just had to ditch this year?  Be on the look out for another post with the new shows I loved, the shows that didn't make the chart but I ended up watching and loving, the shows coming up for fall 2016 I'm looking forward too and possible a season finale post with my thoughts.  I think I have a few weeks before the summer shows start and I'm going to try and do as much chatting as I can.

Have a great Tuesday,

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