Monday, June 24, 2013

Citrus Lane June 2013 Review

While I was at the beach my Citrus Lane came. I was very excited to get it since we had taken a couple months break from these boxes and due to some trading we are getting it again. For those that need a refresher Citrus Lane is a box that sends a curated box for your kids each month for $25 a month. If you use my link then we will both get $10 off our first box. :)  This box is for a 32month old boy. I have C aged up so that we have things he can grow into.

 First look. This box was a little light but that doesn't always mean anything.
 Oh fun from the first look.
A spread out of the items in the box. Only 4 items this month but they are all pretty good.

Take a look below for the items.

 Sun Protection Hat from iPlay - this isn't the most exciting thing in my box and as much as I wish C would wear this he just won't. I will probably be trading this or passing it on to someone who would like it more. Not Citrus Lane fault just my picky son.  I should mention that other people got some cool patterns on theirs and while mine is white it would go with more things.
 Alex Dot to Dot Chalks - We love some sidewalk chalk at our house. Both N and C will be using this. I'm afraid now that I will need to buy another one so that both of them can have a holder ;)
 Episencial Sunscreen SPF35 - I'll admit I've never used this brand but everyone is very excited about it. I can't wait to try it out.
Haba Sand Toy - This has me the most excited. C loves to play in the sand. I wish that this box had come before we went to the beach but he will use this in our sandbox soon.

So overall this month wasn't exciting but it wasn't bad by any means. I can't wait to get a couple more months and see what fun items we get.


disclaimer: As I stated above this is a referral link and if you use my link then we both get $10 off our first box.

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  1. You can try and look at Target for another chalk holder, you might even luck out and find one in the $1 section!!! Also you can use the sand toy in the tub....just in case any of the boys need another use for it!!!! I love haba stuff!!!!


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