Tuesday, June 11, 2013

POPSugar MustHave Box June 2013 Review

I looked at my tracking for my POPSugar box yesterday when a local friend got hers and it said it was coming tomorrow so I was surprised to have it on my front porch when I went out to get the mail. This was a very happy surprise since I of course looked at the spoilers and I was stoked to get this months box. I took a couple months break from this one but I'm so glad to be back. This month truly rocked.

 First look in the box and yes I think I will enjoy. Thanks!!!
 The box was really full this month and packed so nicely which I love. Since this box is so awesome you are going to get individual pictures this month instead of a group shot.
I never read the first book but I love love love the movie. I knew this book was coming since I read about it in my EW (yes I still get a real magazine and I read it cover to cover every week ;)) I'm wondering if I need to read the first book before tackling this one? Anyone know? or is seeing the movie ok?
 This is another work out DVD and while I'm not good at using them this one calls out to my inner Flashdance and I may have to really try to pull it out sometime.
 I've liked the other Juice products I've sampled so I'm sure I will like these too. The tub is the Stem Cell Repair Moisturizer and the smaller samples are the CC cream in two different shades. This is supposed to fight the signs of aging and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Since I'm not getting any younger I'm sure this is something I can use.
 As you can see this sample of popcorn is a full size bag and large. I'm used to smaller snack sizes in these bags so excited to get a big bag. I'm not a huge bag popcorn fan but this may be the one to pull me over. We shall see.

The mints are by Project 7 and it says that for each tray of mints they provide clean water to people in need for a week. A lot of water was provided with the shipping of these boxes and that's awesome.
And now onto my favorite item in this box. The great scarf from Gorjana & Griffin. This is their Zuma scarf and it is beyond fabulous. Now I just need to wear more scarves. I have a hard time doing it but I love the look when I do wear them.  We also got a gift card to G&G so I will have to check out their site and see what other goodies I can get.

I'm so glad to be back with POPSugar and this box just makes me smile I'm loving it so much. Funny story my first ever POPSugar  box was the famous September box which also had a scarf in it so to come back to them and get another awesome scarf is just very fitting.  Next month will be POPSugars 1st birthday and everyone is expecting something spectacular.  I'll be getting it and hope that it lives up to the hype. :)

For those that still want to know POPSugar  is a monthly subscription box for $35 a month. If you use my link and use code REFER5 you will get $5 off your first box. Let me know if you sign up or if you already get the box and what you thought of this month.


disclaimer: My affiliate link is up there and if you sign up through it I will be that much closer to a free box. You have to have a couple people use your link to get one so any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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