Sunday, June 30, 2013

Julep July 2103 Box Review

I was so excited to get home late last night and have not one but two boxes from Julep waiting for me.

For those that don't know Julep is a monthly subscription box that specializes in nail polishes. It is $19.99 a month and they send you an email with your selection choices on the 20th of the month. You then have until the 24th of the month to choose a selection or decide to skip for the month. So yes you get to see and select what or if you want the box each month. I have not been getting every months box but I average about every other month.

This month the selections where based on the California Coast and I really thought hard about getting them all but I refrained and now just have more polishes to hope for when I buy one of their mystery boxes. :) You know how I told you I got two boxes this month?  I had ordered the regular box and then they had a sale where you could get a free 4th of July polish Fireworks with any patriotic purchase so you know I had to take them up on that.

My profile selection is Classic With a Twist but this month I switched it up to It Girl so that I could get the three polishes instead of the dry oil. I also did one of the other add-ons since I had enough points to get it for free. :) Yes free you get points when you purchase the monthly boxes or have someone join through you link ;)

  • Blakely - This is a purple and green molten and the polish that I got as my add-on. 
  • Tracy - a sparkly ocean blue sea salt. I got the sea salt mystery box a couple months ago and liked it so I was excited to get another one to try out.
  • Angela - a deep sea blue molten. Can you tell I was excited with the moltens this month?
  • Nadia - a sun kissed golden frost - I never thought I would be into yellow polishes but I'm really loving them and this is a very rich looking yellow.
  • Fireworks - a red, white and blue multi-dimensional glitter top coat. This is the one I got free with my patriotic purchase (see Paris below) and I will be putting this on tonight. Trying to decide now what base coat to put under it.  Hmm so many decisions.
  • Paris - a multi-dimensional holographic glitter. This was in the patriotic selections so I grabbed it up. I love different glitter top coats to put on top of my regular polishes. I will do it from the get go or when my original color starts to look a little tired and I'm trying to get another couple of days out of it.  Truly try it just add some glitter and a tired mani looks fantastic again.
Oh and I totally forgot to take a picture of this but each month they send a little goodie along with your box. Some months its candy or lip gloss or something like that. This month it is a package of Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers. I've never really used blotting papers but these smell awesome so I'm tossing them in my bag for a hot and muggy NC day.

Can you see why I was so excited to get my boxes this month and was hoping and hoping they came fast.  Are you ready to try out Julep now? If you are then click through and fill out the survey to get you Maven profile and if you use the code FREEBOX you can get your first box for just shipping about $4.00.

Did you get a Julep box this month? Which box did you get? Any add-ons?


disclaimer: My link is above so if you join through me I get points towards free products and I will be eternally grateful.  You can never have too many polishes. :)


  1. I can't wait to get mine! I am getting the full collection and I am dying to get my hands on it! It's set to arrive tomorrow!

  2. CUTE!!!!! and now you have plenty to make some nail polish necklaces too!!!


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