Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Well it is Thursday again so time for some Thoughts. I'm linking up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom again this week.

  • I've been wearing my fitbit for a couple days that have been crazy so no exercise and I realize that in a normal day I get between 5000 and 6000 steps. Hmm I need to get this up to 10000 even if I can't get to really exercise. Any ideas? I've been trying to do more stairs and things here instead of sending the boys or waiting. I just jot up and down them everytime but trying to think of more ideas to get some steps in.
  • N is going to be so excited we are going to Great Wolf Lodge today. The last time we went he was just 2 so he is ready. I'm not so sure that C is as ready. He says he is but he has no idea what it really is.  We shall see.
  • I love SYTYCD that is all :)
  • Just realized when talking to my sister yesterday that I get to see NKOTB in 2 weeks.  I had alot of friends go last weekend in Boston and I can't wait. Love me some NKOTB and 98deg and Boys2Men aren't to bad either.
  • Another thing I realized is that I'm getting 7 subscription boxes this month; Ipsy, Birchbox, POPSugar, Citrus Lane, Goodies, Sweet Pea Box and My Paper Pumpkin. This makes me very happy. I'm still thinking of switching some of them up but I can't decide what. I took a couple month hiatus from POP and am glad I did since I was getting Meh about it but now I'm so excited. I also can't resist a spoiler and Ipsy and Birchbox look awesome this month. I can't wait to start getting them all.
So that's my randomness for the day. How about you?



  1. I would be super happy if I was getting 7 subscription boxes too! You lucky girl!

  2. Seven boxes! Wow! I used to only get one (Citrus Lane) and this month I have four coming!

  3. I want SYTYCD to be out of the audition shows already - they seem to last forever! I don't know maybe that's some people's favorite part, like American Idol, I always skip the audition shows.

  4. 7 boxes is a nice number!!!

    As for the fitbit, it's hard to get 10,000 steps without really doing exercise!! Try to park far away at the grocery store, take the stairs and if all else fails, roam around Target until you get those 10,000 steps in ;)

  5. Everyone love GWL??? The boys want to go, I just need to find a DEAL!!!!


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