Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday again so time for some Thoughts. I'm linking up with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom again this week.

  • I think I've got a serious nail polish addiction starting.  I used to never paint my nails and now I can't stand when they don't have polish on them.  I also can't wait for my Julep to get here this month. The colors were awesome. Speaking of Julep I ordered the Fireworks glitter polish this week since it was free with purchase. Of course I needed the Paris glitter polish too so I could get the Fireworks one. ;)
  • I cancelled my Goodies subscription. I know its only $7 a month but we just aren't eating the snacks. I need to look around and decide on a new foodie one.  I do like getting my snacks in the mail.
  • Oh my goodness.  Who watched Big Brother last night?  Wowsers this cast is Wow just Wow I think that might be all I can say.  I will have to see how this new twist plays out over the first couple of weeks.
  • So I'm still thinking of cancelling my birchbox and switching to maybe glossybox or wantable. Anyone have opinions on those?  Having a hard time deciding.
  • Big Bang Theory is the Friends of this decade. I'm pretty sure I will be able to turn it on at anytime and love the episode on.

So I'm a little rambley in my thoughts today but that's ok its my kindof random blog. What kindof thoughts are you having today?



  1. I like birchbox for the points and i really like glossybox for the stuff. if you try not to obsess about birchbox and realize that if you use your points & discount code you are getting discounted something you really want (assuming you like stuff in the store) and a whole lot of samples.

    i think our fave snackbox is prob healthy surprise? naturebox? i didn't review the last 2 natureboxes we had and i have a healthy surprise sitting around waiting to be opened :) we were out of town a lot and got backlogged on snackies.


    1. I actually really like about every other birchbox. I just love my Ipsy and I think that;s what is getting me. I need to investigate some more.

      We tried Naturebox and wasn't eating that either. :( I don't think we are picky eaters but maybe we are when it comes to snacks.

  2. I have read good things about wantabe

  3. These pictures make me smile! Especially NKOTB!!!!

  4. I cancelled birchbox and went to ipsy, same price and much better products!


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