Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Letters

Time for Friday Letters and I'm joining the link up this week.

Dear N -  No I will not turn the air down anymore. I'm sorry you feel like you need to strip down to your underwear since you are so hot in the house but if you didn't curl up under the blanket everytime you stepped into the family room maybe you wouldn't be so hot.

Dear C - You have two choices either the potty or a diaper. You can not keep taking your diapers off but not use the potty. I'm getting tired of changing your sheets when they are wet.

Dear SYTYCD - thank you for finally getting to the actual competition. I don't mind the audition rounds but they could be even faster since the good stuff is yet to come.

Dear GH - I think you are doing a good job incorporating the OLTL characters into their new roles except John McBain. His new Silas character is horrible and if they want him with Sam its not working. I do however love ex-Todd playing the new Franco. He seems to be having a blast with the role.  I'm not wondering if they will let him and ex-Starr new Kiki natural hair color slowly grow back out. They both died their hair for their new roles I'm guessing to make them even more different then before but once we are used to the new role will the old hair come back?

Dear WDW- please release your 2014 package rates soon. I have some clients that are waiting patiently for them so we can book their trips.

Dear SU - I wasn't sure you could out due last years holiday mini but I'm telling you this years is pretty darn close. I'm loving everything and there is so much I want to buy.

and finally

Dear Weather - I know that we need rain but I'm kindof over it for now. It has rained so much lately I can't get a good routine going for the summer. 


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