Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Musings

Monday Monday Monday.  WOW is it just me or did today come way to fast.

Weekend Update: M worked on Friday and I had to pick N up from school and he had a plan. We went to Wendys for dinner and then the library for some new books.  It was a happening evening ;) Then on Saturday we went to the pool during the day and spent the night building Lego sets. Sunday we had to run down to Greensboro to pick grandma Norma up and take her home which took the afternoon so last night we had Wendys again (what can I say the boys are obsessed) and then we built more Legos
Doesn't everyone take pictures when eating at Wendys?

Upcoming Week:  We have a busy busy week this week. This morning C and I went to the park. 
It was a new park for us and it really is cute. We will be making some return trips.  Tomorrow C and I will be going to the weekly kids movie. Wednesday is Ns kindergarten program in the morning so we will all go to that. Thursday is our slower day and then Friday is Ns last day of kindergarten and we are going to head to Charlotte for the weekend.  Can I say how in the world did we get to the end of Ns kindergarten year. I can't believe that I will have a first grader after Friday. He is excited but also sad that he has to leave his class. He loves his teachers and tells me he is going to stop in to see them next year. :)

Box News: I don't think I should be getting any boxes this week. I did decide to get a Julep box this month but with their new shipping that will probably come next week. Citrus Lane also had a code this weekend and I ordered some more Mickey bags in difference sizes so those could possible get here :)

Business News:  I am so close to getting 200 likes on my Facebook page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel and once I do I will be doing another great giveaway over there. So if you get a chance please go over and like my page to keep up to date with the latest deals and other info.  Then let me know how I can help you plan your next vacation. It is not too late to plan for this summer or to start planning for fall.  We are expecting 2015 rates out in July so if you want to be added to my list for that info just let me know.

Did you know that the Stampin' Up new idea book and catalog is available now?  Let me know if you would like one and you can check out all the goodness and order online in my store. HERE Let me know if you have any questions.  I've cleaned my craft area and I'm ready to get crafty again. :) 

That is the highlights and randomness of my week. What are you guys up to this week?  Lots of fun I hope!!!

disclaimer: Those are my referral links up there so if you decide to join/order through me I will get credits. :)

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