Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jen or some Thursday Thoughts.

  • Tomorrow is Ns last day of kindergarten and we had his performance yesterday.  It was so cute and I was doing so good until they said they were the class of 2026!!!  I mean really that seems so far. (I'm putting some pics in this post of yesterday :))
N's class

  • I watched Big Brother last night and it got off to a good and fun start. I can't wait until the other 8 join tonight and see how that all works out. I do want to say I will root for the the NC boy Donny to start the season but I always change my mind as the game goes on.  I usually like the person causing the most havoc in the house and I just don't think that will be him. LOL
You are my sunshine
  • We are headed down to my mom's for the weekend and we have no plans. N says he just wants to hang at the pool. After the last couple of weeks that sounds perfect.
Hi Mom!!!
  • I'm loving the weekly kids movies at our local Stone Theater.  Lots of the surrounding theaters have a movie but this one also has kids drinks and popcorn for $1. This week we saw the Croods. It was really cute. Next week is Smurfs 2. N is excited to be joining us for the next couple of weeks.
me and C waiting for The Croods
  • I got to do some real crafting yesterday to make gifts for Ns teachers.  C was being cooperative and I got most of it done.  I will be posting some of them coming up soon so you can see.  His class did a gift card bouquet but we are also doing a little goodie bag for them just from us.  It is so much fun.
we decided that N can either sing or do the dance. He opted to sing most of the time ;)
  • I'm watching SYTYCD as I'm typing this this morning and the kids look really good this year.  I love this show each summer and seeing how awesome all the dances look.  This is a show I would love to see being taped.  The energy just seems so up and fun.
So I think that is all my random for the moment. I'm going to go back to watching my show while C is playing. I know that it will be fleeting since he is in rare form this morning :)  Have a great day everyone!!!

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  1. Yeah, it just stresses me out when they're like, OMG I STARTED WATCHING THIS SHOW WHEN I WAS SEVEN YEARS OLD. And now they're on it.


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