Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

So I took a little blogging break last week.  I had my friends in over the weekend and so I spent the week getting ready for that and hanging with C. But I am back this week and ready to go :)

Weekend/Last Week Update: Like I just said I had the girls in this weekend for a scrapping weekend.  It was so much fun and I made a huge dent in my Jan Disney trip scrapping. I'm actually hoping to get the rest of it done this week but we'll see how that goes.  While I was doing that the boys got shipped out ;)C went to my mom's house and N went to my mother in laws. I need to send a big Thank you Shout out to them. Pretty sure neither of them read my blog but if they do Thank you!!!

Last week was fun around here. C and I checked out a new park near one of our lakes. After we played with our friends or awhile we went walking around the trails for awhile and checked the place out.

Then another day we went to a new Farm near us.  This was a Lavender Farm!!! I never even knew such a farm existed and that there is one so close to my house.  She said that this is her first year and that next year the plants will be even bigger.  We didn't notice and had a great time there and my house smells great from the fresh lavender.

Oh and probably the most exciting part of the week to my boys anyway is the new addition to our family. ;)  M bought them a blue lobster which N then named Hunter.  So Welcome Hunter to the family.

I will say he is fun to have in the tank. He really has a personality and the girls and I kept watching him all weekend to see what he was doing.

Upcoming Week: Really no set plans this week. N is still in school and C and I started trying to potty train today so that  might keep us home a bit more then normal.  As I said above I do want to try and finish up the Disney scrapbook. I'm doing it Project Life Style so its going pretty quick but I had so many pictures I want to make sure they are all represented.

Box News: My Wantable box came on Saturday and I already blogged that this morning here. I should be getting my Ipsy bag this week I think as its about that time.

Business News

It is not too late to plan a summer vacation or to get going on your next vacation no matter when it is.  Check out my facebook page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel for all the latest information and let me know how I can help with you vacation plans.

So I am back this week and hopefully I can blog and keep in touch. I love sharing my life and hearing about your lives.:)

How was your weekend?  Any big plans this week?

Have a great week!!!

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