Monday, June 9, 2014

Wantable Intimates June 2014 Box Review

With last week being as crazy as it was and having my friends over all weekend I hadn't kept up with my Wantable tracking. So I was surprised when it was in my box on Saturday.  I always love seeing these boxes in my mail. :)

First look and I'm always impressed with how much stuff they can get in the little white box.  The intimate boxes are always so full of goodies.

Wantable doesn't just have an info card they have an info sheet. Since each box is packed separately this works well.  It also gives you the highlights of the survey that you fill out for them when you sign up. I've said it before but Wantable has the most indepth survey and you really get a pretty customization in your box that way.I don't think I have changed my box in awhile. Since it is already so hot here in NC I won't be wearing hose or socks so those will be staying on my dislike list for awhile.  Wantable says you will never get anything you dislike and that you are more likely to get things you love then things you just like.

And now I know you have all been waiting for what goodies I got this month. :)

Aren't you loving all the pretty bright summery colors?  I know I say this every month but I really love this subscription and I love that I get 4-5 premium essentials for $36 a month if you join or you can get a one month box or $40.  If you do decide to join they have a very easy skip feature and they offer returns if you are unhappy. That is so rare with these boxes and I've not had to use the return yet but I have been skipping every couple of months depending on what I have going on.

  • St. Eve Night Shirt ($32) - This is a very bright pink with little hearts on it and while I think that it is cute and soft its just not really my style so I will probably see about trading this with someone for something else. 
  • Pima Apparel Pima Slub Tank in Jade ($12) - Love this one. I'm really getting into the soft breezy look of the slub style. I've gotten a couple shirts and they are so nice to wear.  The description says that it is perfect for lounging at home or with your sleep shorts or as an everyday tank.
  • Coobie Thin Strap Cami in Purple ($18) - This is a one size fits all standard length cami.  It is very soft and will be a great layering piece.
  • Honeydew Ribbon Lace Up Thong in Cinnamon ($14) - OMG I love love love this.  I've gotten a couple other Honeydew items and they are great plus they are pretty sexy too :)
So what do you think? I like but don't love the box this month and I think that is mostly due to just the nightie not being my thing.  I still do love the value of these boxes.  This one came to a value of $76 and since I only paid $36 it is a great value for the price and I'm sure I can trade the nightie for something else.

Did you get a Wantable box this month? I'm always excited to see what everyone gets. :)


disclaimer: This post contains a referral link and if join through my link I gets credits towards future boxes.

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