Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Citrus Lane June 2014 43month Boy Box Review

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Again I was surprised by my Citrus Lane box today.  Originally the tracking said Friday so when I got an update today saying it had been delivered I was a little confused but sure enough my box was here waiting on me.  As usual I had looked at spoilers but I hadn't seen our exact age yet so I wasn't sure what we were getting except for one item which I got to choose.  This month we got a box for a 43 month old boy.  I have C aged up a bit so we have things he can move into.

Each Citrus Lane box comes with a folded sheet with all the info on the inside. I forgot to take a first look picture since I had a little helper with me but I was kindof upset that my box wasn't all wrapped up like it usually is.  It actually looked a little ragged which I'm sure wasn't Citrus Lane falut but more the process of being mailed but everything seems to be ok inside so that is what is important.

And now onto our goodies for this month:

  • Go Bars from Plum Orgnaics ($1.47)- Neither of my boys eat these kindof bars anymore so we won't be eating these however M has been known to eat other ones that come in my boxes since he will eat about anything LOL so I will be sending these with him to work.
  • Two Sided Puzzles from Crocodile Creek ($26.22) - At first I was just ehhh about puzzles since we have been getting them alot lately but these are actually a little older then the ones we have gotten before and they are cute little boxes. We got three boxes so that is six different puzzles.  The boys and I  have been pulling things for when N is tracked out and they are bored and I think these are going right in there or being that they are small I might stash one in my bag for when we need some wait time fun at a restaurant or something.
  • Puffy Sticker Pad from Melissa & Doug ($6.49) - C is all about stickers and sticker books and has already claimed this as his own. He is really excited to put this together over and over again ;)
  • Wet Bag from Bumkins ($10.95) - This was the item that I got to choose and for C I got to pick from two Mickey bags and a Monsters Inc bag. I of course went for a classic Mickey and then I couldn't wait for it to get here.  We were just talking about how we could use another wet bag for our pool bag and being that its Mickey is even better.  I get a big smile just looking at this one.
  • Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion from Weleda ($12.88) - I have so much lotion at my house that I do not need anymore. I do like Weleda products and this is a large bottle but I just don't need it. I will see about trading this with someone who will get better use of it.
All totaled I came up with a value of $58.01 for my box this month which is pretty good for a box that cost $29 a month or less if you get a longer subscription.  Citrus Lane sends a monthly box for kids between ages 0-5 and there are many different things in each box.  At first look I wasn't overly impressed looking in the box but as usual I'm very happy once I get my hands on everything. Did you get a box this month? What age did you get? Are you happy with it?

Happy Opening,


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