Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Day of Kindergarten

How oh how can it be the last day of kindergarten already?  N was so excited and sad at the same time.  He will miss his teachers so much and tells me he will stop in to visit them next year when he is on his way to his 1st grade class.

I walked him in today to help carry in his teacher gifts. It is Friday so that is spirit day and he couldn't go to school without wearing his school shirt.

Here is his teacher. Ms O'Donnell she is a great teacher and he has learned so much this year. I can't thank her enough.  He is really going to miss her next year.

His assistant teacher Ms Brown. Another wonderful helper and she really got N. He is going to find and visit her next year too.

Being that it was the last day of school they were going to have a picnic lunch outside. However it started raining right as we went to walk the kids out so they adjusted and they ate on the floor. :)  N had a great time and loved that he had C there. He kept telling everyone that he was his brother.  So sweet.

So hard to believe that my Mr Man is going to be in 1st grade in only a month.  To see him go from barely knowing his letters to sitting down and actually reading and writing is just amazing to me. I can not say enough for kindergarten teachers and all that they do. It is amazing and they are amazing people.

We are now on our summer vacation and will be spending it having fun and enjoying our time until he goes back on July 28th.  (and no I am not already counting down the days ;) but ask me again next week. LOL)



  1. how do you guys only have a month in between?

    1. We have year round school here so they go basically 9 weeks in school and then 3 weeks off. The summer gets a little more since this week everyone is out of school as they switch school years. :) There are 4 tracks and our track has off in July, Oct, Jan and March. It works great for N and us since he goes back refreshed and ready to learn again.


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