Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Paper Pumpkin May 2014 Box Review

How did Father's Day sneak up on me?  I knew when it was and we actually already have his gifts but the actual day just kindof got here.  So needless to say we haven't done cards for him yet.  But as luck would have it last months My Paper Pumpkin came to the rescue.  It was a Fathers themed box and I was thrilled to grab it to make a quick card.

All the goodies for this month's kit.  This month they sent supplies to make 4 full size cards and 2 mini cards. In addition to the Happy Father's Day Stamp they also have a Happy Birthday stamp so if you don't need that many Father's Day cards you can use the birthday or if you've gotten other kits you can use whichever stamps you want.  I actually only made the one card you will see below and will wait and make some of the others when I know what I need. Coming up next I think I need some Thank Yous for Ns teachers so I will probably whip some of those out.

Each month comes with a fold out flyer that has Stampin' Ups Idea for the cards and some basic instructions inside. However you can do them which ever way you like and if you've looked at my other months I have mixed them up a bit as needed.

Here is my finished card.  It really took very little time to complete and I think it is cute.  I'll have N sign it for both boys in the morning and then drop it in the gift bag.

If you are interested in checking My Paper Pumpkin out just click my LINKMy Paper Pumpkin is a monthly subscription box from Stampin' Up that will send you a project box each month with cards or another project that can be completed in about 30 minutes.  The cost of the box is $19.95. If you are not ready to sign up for a monthly box you can now purchase a set 1,3,6,9 or 12 month subscription. These will need to be placed through my Stampin' Up store  this will give you the prepaid options.

I have had a couple questions about what I do with my stamps and ink spots from my kits when I finish with the project.  I do keep them all and I store them in the clear mount stamp case for the stamps and a full size wood mount case for the spots. Both of these then go in my togo kit since they are pretty universal and its nice to have some easy quick options when I'm not sitting at my desk scrapping.

I love these cases and there is even a half size wood mount stamp case that I use for smaller embellishments and stuff to store. They stack well and fit easily in a bag to pack. :)

So what do you think? Did you get My Paper Pumpkin for May?  My June one is on its way but I haven't gotten it yet. I can't wait to see what it has in it and what I get to make. When I get around to making the rest of the cards in this pack I will share those too.  I really like the look of these though so except for a saying I probably won't mix them up to much. If you did get this one I'd love to see what you made with your kits.

Happy Crafting,

disclaimer: In case you don't remember I am a Stampin' Up demo so the above links are to my site.  Just let me know if you have any My Paper Pumpkin questions or Stampin' Up questions in general.

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