Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for some Thursday Thoughts

  • C and I went to check out our new Harris Teeter yesterday and I need to go back without my helper. It looks really nice and I can't wait to take full advantage of a new store.
  • M bought a blue lobster for our new fish tank last week and N finally gave it a name. He is really fun and very playful. I think that makes M happy since he wanted him for his personality. Welcome Hunter to our family.

  • Today is Thursday and that is produce day at my house. While I do buy produce at the store on Thursdays a nice box always gets delivered to my house. I love these months when I can have meals like this and its all so yummy and pretty.
  • We have no plans for this weekend. M is working on Friday and Saturday night and then I guess if its not nasty on Sunday we will probably cook out. I'm sure that is what he wants to do on his fathers day :) Hmm guess I should go out and get his some gifts LOL I do know what we want we just haven't made it out to get them yet.
  • We are still planning on going to Boston this summer but we have made no plans to do this. I need to get on that but I'm waiting for M to coordinate with his family up there first and that is a very slow going process.
  • I started watching Game of Thrones last weekend with my friend here and I've seen 5 episodes so far. It is just not a show I can watch with the boys around and I'm so tired at night I haven't been able to watch. Maybe while M is working I will get a couple more episodes in.

So that is pretty much where my random brain is today for my thoughts. What are you guys up to today? Big plans for this weekend?



  1. No, definitely NO KIDS around GoT! Worth it though. I'm psyched about the season finale but what am I going to do with the hour of TV I watch a week?? Ugh. I need to catch up with my tivo!

  2. I love GOT! I'm a week behind, but I've read the books so not really. And I'm jealous of your produce delivery - I need to sign up for one of those, but it's just one of those things I never get around to!

  3. I forgot this Sunday was Father's Day until now I had no plans now I'll have to make some. lol We'll probably BBQ as well Sunday.

  4. Welcome to the family Hunter. He's a gorgeous blue lobster.

  5. How hard is it to care for a lobster? He looks so cool!

    1. It is pretty easy. He just gets food like the other fish. The weirdest thing is he molts his shell and then eats some of it. That is a little odd but otherwise he is pretty cool to watch. You can also feed him some real food. So far we have found out he likes zucchini and potato but does not like cucumber.


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