Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What I LOVE Wednesday!!!

Back for another week and sharing some things I'm loving right now.

I've always liked Wil Wheaton and his recurring roll on The Big Bang Theory just makes him all the funner. So now he has his own show and it is a geeky dream.  I've only seen a couple episodes so far but it is so funny and I love his little jokes.  He is hysterical and I can't wait to see how it keeps up.

Oh my so Stampin' Up released a new photopolymer stamp yesterday and all I can say is Holy Batman do I love it.  Who doesn't have super hero pictures they can scrap.  You can get this from you Stampin' Up Demo or from my store if you don't have a demo  

I am still obsessed with S'mores. Not sure what it is but they are just ooey gooey yumminess.

Pretty Little Liars is back and no spoilers but I am so so excited.  Last nights episode was WOW so awesome.  I also saw where they just renewed it for 2 more seasons and I can't wait. This is truly a guilty pleasure show.

We are officially into the Pullups here. C hasn't really potty trained but we are out of regular diapers and had pull ups so we are starting. I also love that he picks the pink ones more then the blue ones. LOL He is so stinkin' cute in them. Now if we can get him using the actual potty we will be all set.

So that is what I'm thinking of and loving today. What are you loving?


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