Friday, September 12, 2014

Fall TV 2014

It's here It's here :) My Entertainment Weekly came a day early yesterday and I pretty much dropped everything to read right through it. LOL  I have to make my Fall TV chart and I NEEDED to know about the new shows.  My chart has changed a bit over the years as I now can record two shows on one Tivo and I'm not worrying about using different TVs and I really don't watch any show live so the timing only matter for what I can record and when.  This year I also added an Others line so I could put in some of the shows that I like to watch that aren't network TV.  I don't usually worry about them too much since they are shown so many times over the week if I can't record it on the first showing I can easily catch the second one or later.

So here it is!!!

So what do you think? Are there any shows you know that you will be adding this season?  For some reason I'm just not feeling this season as much as some others but I know I want to try The Flash and Gotham for sure.  As I said last year some of these shows I expect to be cancelled so I might wait and see how they do for a couple weeks before I jump in. I'm thinking this will be what I do with Forever and Constantine.  I've also heard mixed thoughts on Scorpion but I like the ads so I'm giving it a shot.  As far as Red Band Society the setting seems depressing but its getting great review so I'm hoping that its just the setting that is depressing and not the whole show so I will give it a shot too.

Am I missing something I NEED to add to my schedule? Which shows are you most looking forward to?

Happy Scheduling and Viewing,

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  1. wahoo!!! a chart!!! now to figure out how to print it so I can add a couple! there is a showtime show that I wanna catch too!


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