Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up again today for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • I rushed over to Hallmark last weekend for the Ornament preview and to grab my Mickey holder. They are celebrating a year of Disney and will be releasing an ornament each month. They are really cute too so I grabbed the first one and put my name on the list so they will call me each month when the others come in. :)  Also FYI if you are wanting the Olaf or Elsa ornaments they come out in Oct and Nov.  My guess is they will be hard to get and sell out quick. My store was making a list so you might want to ask at yours if you want them.  So do you think M and the boys will mind if I redo my mantle so that this can stay out all year?
  • I dropped N off with my mom yesterday for a couple days and she gave C a Ninja Turtles Poncho. He decided that it had to be warn right now and that it was a costume.  After playing in it awhile he told me it needed to go in the attic so he could wear it for Halloween. LOL  I'm not so sure about that but I will fold it back up for future play.

  • We have a very busy weekend. N comes back on the train on Saturday and then on Sunday we are going to the Marvel Universe Live show in the afternoon and then Def Leppard that night.  I can't wait to Get Rocked!!! LOL
  • I've been posting alot of reviews this week. So far I have my Ipsy, end of year teacher gifts, My Paper Pumpkin, Fashion Project and Julep up.  I got my Citrus Lane box yesterday so that will go up today and I should be getting my July My Paper Pumpkin box this week too. Busy Busy week.
  • I did some shopping at Target when it was 50% off but I'm really thinking I need to go back out tonight since people are reporting that it is 90% off now.  I'm sure there are things I NEED!!!
  • I'm watching Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings as I'm typing this and C is in the other room playing ;)
  • I'm really excited that Disney let us know the 2015 rates will be out on July 30th.  We/I've been waiting not so patiently for them to be released.  I have a list going of people to do quotes for so just shoot me a message if you want me to do one for you too.

  • While you are here don't forget to check out my Facebook 200 Like giveaway for a free $25 Disney Gift Card.  I'm so excited to share this as a Thank You to all my clients and my future clients. You can see that post HERE!!!
So what are you guys thinking about today? I know I'm all over the place but that is my brain most days. :)
Happy Thursday,


  1. oh lord, i knew there was a reason i didn't let the kids go to hallmark yesterday. i have to check that out. we want to go to wdw either at xmas or easter. or both. we will be going home for xmas and its the kids' birthdays (the current kids...). and my cousin is getting married in tampa at easter. could we pick 2 worse times to go?

    1. LOL both with be busy but you know that going in so you can adjust accordingly. Even with the crowds Christmas time is beautiful and the weather is usually great at Easter so both are good options. Let me know if you need any help :)

  2. is having a Ninja Turle contest your baby turtle coat reminded me of it.

  3. That poncho is huge!!! I love that he looks like a blob!!!! LOL!!!

  4. Ok so I had no idea about the Hallmark preview! I get my kids an ornament there each year and I got one each year as a kid too. So tell me do they have ornaments now? Or was it only that weekend?

    1. They do have ornaments out now. They will have them out through the holidays. The preview is just a little party they have when they first show the new years designs. They have some really cute ones out already this year and the second big back will be released in Oct.


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