Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up again today for Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • We went to look at the list for Ns teacher last night but there are to kids with his initials so we narrowed it down to two teachers. Meat the teacher is today so we will find out who it is for sure.  He is beyond excited to go today and then to start back next week. I hope that his love of school continues.
  • I mentioned it the other day but I started watching Mistresses the other night and now I'm all caught up :)  That show is really really good.
  • I'm curious to see how Big Brother deals with Frankie's grandfather passing away on tonight's show. I saw that they told him last night and he has decided to stay but I'm wondering if it will be addressed or not.
  • Speaking of Big Brother there are still a few too many guys there that blend together but I'm addicted this season again.  Love it and can we just have Frankie host every competition. The soccer outfit he was wearing was hysterical and I love how he really plays up to each character he's given.
  • Ns new haircut is growing on me. I still think he looks so old with it this short but it is what he wanted.  C said he needed one too but he just wanted a little cut off.

  • I also think it is so funny that after we did haircuts the other day N told me he needed some new clothes for the first day of school.  I will take pictures on Monday but lets just say that his teacher will not miss him. LOL he is wearing day glow lime green shirt. ;)  It looks good with his hair but WOW its bright.
So that is what I'm thinking of today. What are you guys thinking of today?



  1. my dude cried the last time i cut his hair. not during. after. he hated it. at 3.5. so it can grow! it looked like Cs. A will meet the teacher i think on the first day of school, which is fine. her new district does some sort of evaluation in early august but we won't be there, so i'm just going to be like YO she can read, multiply, and exceeds all kindergarten exit standards.

    GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE, I BLAME INFLEXIBLE BIRTHDAY CUTOFFS! E i am not worried about with his language delay. A, she's going to be a behavioral nightmare.

    1. I'm sure they will be fine with her once she gets in there. Here they do K evaluation the first week of school so everyone is there for it. N is in first grade so we met his teacher today. She is an older teacher then he had last year but she's been at the school awhile and people seem to like her. We will see how N does with her but I have high hopes.

    2. well the new school will be much better than the one we are zoned for in MD. i am just excited i dont have to walk 30 minutes uphill both ways (for real, i did it, just to check) to take her to school! and also that i have a car again :)

      squeeeee i am sure you read this already!!


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