Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

So I am actually starting this in the morning but who knows when I will get it finishing. Maybe I should change the name to Monday Musings since I hardly ever get it done in the morning. LOL

Weekend Update: What a crazy busy weekend.  N was at my mom's so he came back on the train on Saturday.  He loves the trains and loves when we can work this out.

Then Sunday was a crazy day here. We started the afternoon at Marvel Universe Live with boys

It's a stunt show with tons of Marvel Characters.  It was pretty loud but my boys loved it.  We even took a couple silly selfies before the show and during intermission. Then of course C couldn't make it through the whole thing so even with all the noise he crashed on my lap. LOL

Then last night I got to go to the Def Leppard/KISS concert.  Def Leppard is one of my all time favorite bands and I rarely (if ever ;)) miss them in tour when they come near me. What made it even better was they sang my favorite song Two Steps Behind which is usually done acoustic and they don't always do an accoustic set so its not always sung.  I was a happy girl

Then KISS came on and I knew two songs. LOL I am not a KISS fan. Not that I hate them I just never was huge into them. A lot of the people around us really seemed to enjoy it so I guess it was a good show.

KISS had a lot of pyro which is I guess their thing but it also really reminded me of concerts from back in the day.  Of course while there I had to take a couple selfies to share on instagram LOL M was so excited about that :).  Then since I was just amazed KISS shot out confetti at the end and really it was so much confetti I thought maybe we were at a teeny bopper show. It was really kindo crazy.

Upcoming Week:  We had plans to run errands today but its storming so we are organizing the toy room and just hanging out at home. Right now Frozen is on while they play Geo Trax. I do need to run out and get N set for school next Monday so we will have at least one trip out.  We will find out his teacher on Wed and then have Meet the Teacher on Thursday.  Other then that it will be a pretty tame week.

Box News:  I sound't be getting any boxes this week I don't think. My Wantable is processing today so it will probably get here next week.  And can I  just mention how much Julep is AWESOME.  I was just ready to skip this month and then the maven window opened. The colors are all so sparkly and shimmery. I really need them all ;) but I will try and restrain myself.

Business News:  Stampin' Up has a special this month where if you buy 3 packs of our Designer Series Paper you get a 4th pack for free.  This is a great way to get some of the great new papers in the new catty.  Let me know if you have any questions and I can help with anything. You can see the special in my store.

My Thank you from Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel giveaway ended yesterday and the winner was Colleen. I have sent her an email and I can't wait to host my next giveaway so keep liking my page and sharing with your friends and family.  Speaking of Disney the new packages for 2015 will be available for booking starting July 30th.  I have a list going so shoot me a message if you want me to work up a quote for you.

So that was my crazy busy weekend and how the rest of my week is looking. How about you? What is on your list for this week? Did you have a great weekend?

Have a magical week,

disclaimer: Those are my referral links up there so you know the drill if you decide to join through me I get credits for future purchases. :)

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