Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Musings

As has been my pattern recently this has not happened in the morning but we had good reasons this week. N started back to school today and after he left C and I went running all the errands that I've been putting off lately. :)

Weekend Update:  We had a slow and slack weekend so that we didn't wear N out too much.  Both boys spent a lot of time playing with the kids next door and on Friday night they had some sparklers out and the boys loved it.

We did have a small issue Sunday night with N being just so wound up and excited he had been bouncing off the wall so he ran out of the house and slammed Cs finger in the sliding door :(  It looks to be ok and he is playing fine today but it took lots of screaming and an early bedtime for all.

This Week:  As I said N stars the 1st grade today!!!  He is getting so big. We met his teacher last week and he was very excited to be going today.

He picked out his outfit at gymboree and all I can say is that his teacher is not going to lose him today. LOL he is so bright.

Wednesday C and I are going with out neighborhood play group to visit out new firestation.  We are so excited to be able to take them lunch and have a tour. The kids are so excited.

No other set plans for the week and C and I will be working on potty training :(  He just isn't into it at all and can run around for hours naked and have no accidents but will refuse to use the potty.  We will get there and I let him pick some cool new underwear so hopefully that helps.

Business News:  Stampin' Up is having a My Paper Pumpkin special right now through Sept 10th where you can get your first two months at 50% off with a monthly subscription. You can see my post on it HERE.

As I said last week the new rates for 2015 come out this week but it is not too late to take advantage to deals for the rest of this year.  Disney just released a room only discount through the end of the year and the Free Dining promotion is available to book through Aug 8th. Check out my page Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel and contact me today to plan your next trip.

And now Ramblings of a Suburban Mom asked some questions in the bottom of her Monday Morning post and I'm going to answer them here. :)What book are you reading right now?  nothing at the moment but I'm going to start The Vacationers by Emma Straub when it gets here tomorrow for a book club that I just joined. What shoes are you wearing today?  nothing at the moment but I've been wearing my Rainbows which are my summer staple.  What craft / sewing / whatever project do you have in the works right now?  I'm still working on my Disney Project Life style scrapbook from my Jan trip. I always have my normal albums in the works and I have a new My Paper Pumpkin ready to go now that I will have some more time.
So that is my  Monday not so Morning Musings. What are you up to this week? Anything fun and exciting?


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