Thursday, July 17, 2014

Citrus Lane 44 month boy July box

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Very excited when I got home yesterday and I had three packages waiting for me.  Citrus Lane was the biggest one and I couldn't wait to see what was in it. I've been getting my  Citrus Lane with a gift subscription and this is our last month.  I'm still deciding if we will get more but I do like maybe skipping a couple months and then when it comes again I'm all excited again. :)

I have C aged up a little so we have things that he can move into. This month we got a box for a 44 month old boy. I had seen peoples box pictures but I hadn't paid a ton of attention to the ages of them so while I knew one of the items since I got to pick it I didn't know what else was in here.

This months box of goodies:
  • John Deere Monster Truck from Tomy ($15.97) - We love trucks and John Deere here so this will be fun to play with.  C hasn't seen this yet so I'm going to stash it for a gift when we need a goodie later on. :)
  • Match Stacks from Tree Hopper Toys ($19.90) -  This was the item we got to pick this month. They have vehicles, animals, numbers etc to choose from and I picked numbers. We have other memory games here so I thought we could use the numbers also for some math practice.  This is a made in the USA, solid wooden game and looks awesome.  To do this is a little old for C right now so I will also stash this for future use.

  • Mashups from Plum Organics ($1) - I did have this sitting out and C downed it.  He still loves squeeze pouches and this one has some veggie in it and not just applesauce so that is a plus. He said it was really yummy.
  • Pur Protect SPF 30 by PurLisse ($4.88) - Sunscreen is always welcome at my house. We go through so much and use it daily so I will toss this little sample in my bag for touch ups.
This months box while looking a little small with only 4 items has a value of $40.85 and the items are quality and the value is there. Citrus Lane boxes are $29 a month or less if you get a longer subscription. They will then send you a box each month for your child with ages 0-5 years. If you want to check them out if you order though my link you will get 50% off your first box.

I really do like my boxes so I know we'll be getting more soon and the stuff we don't use right away make great Christmas and travel gifts so I can grab them out of the closet as needed. ;)

Have a great afternoon,

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