Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ipsy November 2014 - Girl Meets Glitter

disclaimer: My referral link is included in this post so if you decide to join through my link I get points for future goodies.

With being gone I had forgotten that I had actually gotten a sneak peak of my Ipsy bag last week and that it would be here soon.  So I was very happy when I saw the pink bag in the mail yesterday.  So as I mentioned in my Thursday Thoughts if you got Ipsy this month did you notice a difference in the pink mailer?  The new envelopes are definitely a cheaper make then the others but since it is just the envelope I'm ok with it but I thought it was funny that with this months glitter theme the bag is less sparkly. LOL

The theme this month is Girl Meets Glitter and Ipsy says Why wait for festive fetes and fancy galas to take things up a sparkle or two? Just add glitter, or a generous pinch of shimmer and shine, to elevate your everyday routine and keep you looking and feeling brilliant. That's why we packed this month's Glam Bag with everything you need to leave a little sparkle wherever YOU go. Get ready for your daily grind to "glitterly" dazzle and daze this November!

and now for the goodies I got this month.  I can't remember what all was in the spoilers and I'm still not sure how I feel about this month as far as exciting goes but they are all usable and new to me so that makes it a plus for me.

  • Elizabeth Mott You're so FINE eyeliner in Glitterati ($5.00) - I used to wear liquid liner a lot and somehow have gotten out of the practice. This is really great and has a little sparkle to it which just makes me smile.  The description goes on and on about the controllable brush so I can't wait to try it out.
  • J.Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Red Potion (~$4.00) - The J. Cat website isn't working and I can't find this to order anywhere else so I'm guessing based on some other colors that I've seen.  This looks really dark but since I don't wear a lot of lipsticks or paints they mostly look dark to me. I'm a chapstick kindof girl for everyday wear.  I'm planning this for a night out and layer with some gloss. I'm hoping I can pull it off that way.
  • Temptu S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl ($2.75) - This looks like a tiny sample but I'm reading the info and it looks like you only use a drop here and there for a contouring highlight or illuminating look so I'm hoping it lasts awhile. I do love a little glitter look so this will be fun.
  • Be the Bombshell Eye Base in Submissive ($7.00) - This is a great fallish creme color and with the hint of sparkly I know I will wear it.  It says it can be a base or used as an eyeshadow and since I'm horrible at using bases I'm thinking it will just be good as is.
  • Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argon Oil Volume Shine Hairspray ($3.24) - Again I'm always happy with a travel size hairspray and I've never used one that has Argan oil infused in it to nourish at the same time so this will go in my to go bag.
  • The bag - I kindof like this months bag that is by Forever 21 cosmetics for Ipsy.  While it is on the smaller side I'm loving the glittery effect and it really is holding a but since I got all my items in it this month.
So that is my bag this month. For the $10 the bag costs I got about $23  worth of products to try and while I'm still not sure how I really feel about the bag as a whole.  While I was writing this review I looked at the other possible items this month and there are so many that I would have rather gotten but I'm still pretty happy with my products they just didn't make me jump for joy like last months bag did.  

So what do you think of this months Ipsy?  Did you get one? What all was in your bag this month?  

It is finally getting cold here so have a happy inside day and enjoy your Ipsy!!!


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