Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whatever Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!  It is so cold here in NC today but at least the sun is out so that helps some.  They are saying in the 70s next week so welcome to the crazy weather everyone gets sick weather of living in NC. LOL

This morning was the Thanksgiving Feast at Cs preschool.  It is always so cute and the kids come in and we all take pictures and then we have a big pot luck meal.  It was delicious and there is always so much food to go around. 

The other night I made chili and it was yummy so last night when it was so cold I made a baked potato and added the chili to it. After not feeling great for a couple days it was really really yummy.

Then last night we also made some Ginger snap cookies and N decided to read to C by the fireplace while they had their snack.  He was very serious about reading a page and then making sure that C could see the pictures. He even went on to show me how the teacher reads to the side so that the kids can see the pictures but he has a hard time reading that way so he would just read and then show the pictures. LOL silly boys.

And now for some more random thoughts I've been having. ;)

So watching The Flash last night and one of the actors used to be on the show Star Crossed last season and since I know that other actors are showing up on the Flash and the Arrow this season its like the CW keeps a tab on the hot guys from their shows and if the show doesn't work out they keep them in file and pull them out to show off. Not that I'm complaining and I do like seeing them all the time I just find it funny.

I get where people want to wait until after Thanksgiving to get into Christmas decorating and stuff but does that mean they don't buy any presents until then too? I mean I'm almost done shopping but we haven't done any decorating.  I think I'd rather do all of that before Thanksgiving and then I can have the month of December to just enjoy the holiday and not feel any more rushed then I already am. What do you guys do? 

So what are you guys thinking about today? Anything random?  Do you have snow? I've been seeing all the pictures on FB and I just can't even imagine.

Have a great Hump Day :)

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