Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

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So I was at my retreat last week and then I've been playing catch up this week and with N out on Veterans Day I haven't had a chance to blog but today I am linking up with Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for a little catch up posting.

  • The girls and I had a great time scrapping last weekend.  I got so many pages completed and when I get a chance I will be blogging them for you so you can see.

  • As you can see from the above photo we are a silly group and we all wore scrunchies one night.  We have a running joke about scrunchies being really out of date and then the newspaper here had an article the other week about them making a comeback so we had to play along.  But let me firmly say I am anti-scrunchy. LOL I'll take a twistband elastic anyday.  It felt so heavy to wear.

  • I was very sad when it was over and Michelle from 3 Monkeys throwing around some paper and I loaded up to head back home.  We filled her car and had a blast.  Until next year for sure.

  • When I got home at least someone missed me. :)  My cat Kali was all over me and so excited that I was home to start the fire and watch tv with me.

  • N was out of school on Tuesday for Veterans Day so we headed out with the playgroup to a new to us park.  This was a great one and we will definitely be going back.  The fall colors were awesome and N really loved climbing the boulder. They also have some great hill slides that the boys went up and down so many times.

  • And while we were wearing pants on Tuesday yesterday it was almost 80°F here so both boys went to school in shorts.  C wanted a picture taken since it might be the last day he wears shorts.  I'm not so sure about that but for sure the last day he wears this outfit. He is growing so fast and while I had thought he would be in 3Ts this fall it looks like we will skip right over to a 4T since the 3s are all too short.
  • So lets see not sure what else is going on this week.  C and I are planning to stay home today and try and get some stuff done.  
  • Oh my Ipsy bag came yesterday and I'll be posting that soon. Has anyone else gotten theirs yet?  I was a little disappointed in the new pink envelope. It was so cheap feeling compared to the old ones.  I'm sure it works just as well but I liked the old bags better.
  • C says he wants to wear jammies all day so I hope to get a lot done and also catch up on some TV.  I caught up on Arrow last night and it was so good.  I really love that show and with it being so serialized it is a great show to stick pile and watch multiples together.
  • Oh speaking of TV since I missed my TV Talk this week have any of you watched the 200th episode of Supernatural?  While I don't think it was the best meta episode ever it was a nice nod to the fans and the very end made me so excited.  No spoilers here but make sure you watch all of the episode.
So that is my ramblings for the day.  Have a great Thursday and a fun weekend,


  1. I used to love scrapbooking, there are times I wish I still did it, but I'm lucky now if I get my pictures printed and in an album.

    1. I don't get to do it as much as I would like but I live for the days I can get with my girls and be creative. It is such a great release and really refreshes me.


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