Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday


Who is ready for some TV Talk?  I'm here this week to talk on a couple shows and give an update on my chart and how its going.

If you haven't seen my fall TV chart you can check it out HERE.  There are still many shows that haven't started yet and some new ones I haven't watched yet but here are a couple I have watched and have comments on ;)

Let's start with the 200th episode of Supernatural.  Uhm I'm not really sure what to say about it.  I liked it and I loved how they brought in a lot of the things the fanverse talks about all the time ;) but until the very end I wasn't in love with it.  I think some of the other Meta episodes were better but this one was ok.  It definitely serves as a stand along episode and I'm a fan of the real serialized mythology stuff so that could be some of my thoughts too.  But then they got to the end and OMG they had Chuck on!!!!  So are we going to see more of Chuck? Was this a one time thing? The fans all go with Chuck being God so was he really God? Is God watching?  If he isn't God then has he still been writing and if so is he just not publishing? So many many questions.  It also adds to my excitement since I am a huge fan of Rob Benedict and have met him a couple times at the convention. He is so nice and well I'm fangirling over here. LOL

Did anyone watch the two hour Once Upon a Time on Sunday?  I will say I was exited that they were doing Frozen but I was also like Ugh they are doing Frozen but I will say they have really worked it into the story really well.  They haven't just turned it into the Frozen show and we are still getting the rest of our OUaT goodness with the sprinkling of Frozen mixed in.  This week we saw were the sister bond is still there and I can't wait for Elsa to find Anna and defeat the Snow Queen for good.  Now onto Rumple.  We all know that he isn't as good as Belle wants him to be and that he is always out for himself but he better now hurt Hook.  I might actually have to boycott if they kill off Hook. I love him with Emma and I think he makes a nice foe for Rumple when there really isn't another one on the show.  Also who do you all think is the author of the book?  I have no clue and I'm sure that will be more of the second half of the season but I can't wait to see who it turns out to be.

And of course I can't do a TV Talk without talking about the Walking Dead.  I Love love loved this weeks episode.  While it was a slower episode then the last couple I think that these slower episodes are needed so that our heads don't explode especially when we are binge watching them all together in the off season ;) Carol and Daryl together are a great mix and now we know that Noah is the one coming out of the woods with Daryl back at the church and they will definitely be going into Atlanta to rescue Beth and Carol. I will say I thought Carol was playing hurt at the end of Beth's episode but she really got hit with a car so I hope she makes it ok.  I can't wait to see that last couple episodes of this year and how they finish them out.

So those are a couple of my shows of the week. If there is any show you want to discuss just leave a comment and I will talk any show. LOL Even shows I don't watch I probably know something about since I read spoilers and recaps of so many shows which I don't watch regularly. Yes I know that is crazy but don't we all need a little crazy in our lives? :)

Happy TV Time,

PS.  My blogger friend Stephanie over at Surviving as a Mom is also doing a TV Talk Tuesday post.  Check her our for some different shows and discussions.

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