Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Musings

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Good not so early morning ;) I was up early but I had to watch the Walking Dead and then get the boys to school and go to the grocery store and order from Kohls and then pick up C from preschool and get the laundry and dishes started and now I'm sitting down to watch the AMAs from last night and do some blog and other computer work.  WOW when I type it out it looks like I've been busy this morning. LOL

So how was everyone's weekend?  We had a good one with not much going on.  M took the boys to Toys R Us for the Lego build on Saturday and then we went to his mom's house for a bit to do a little work.  Then had dinner at Chic fila and the boys got to play in the playground. They had a blast.  M had to work yesterday and it was a rainy windy mess here so the boys and I were staying home and my sister decided to come over and we watched tv and did nothing all day. LOL  Yeap we watched New Moon, Ecplise, Breaking Dawn Part 2, Vampire Diaries and the Veronica Mars movie all while the boys played around the house. Yeap it was a very productive day. ;)

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving? We are having a Friendsgiving with my scrappy girls on Thursday and then we are having fake Thanksgiving with Ms family on Friday with a big platter of chicken parmigiana at the kids request.  I will be a stuffed little piggy after eating both meals and I'm sure the leftovers that go along with them.

Have you really started your Christmas shopping yet?  I was working on my list and I'm actually pretty well on my way.  My boys are mostly done and things are in the works for the rest of my family or they are done.  I'm hoping to get some done this week and weekend.  Keep an eye out since some stores have already started their Black Friday deals online. I placed a great Kohls order this morning and saved so much money and then I used Ebates to get a bit more back and I got $15 in Kohls cash so I can shop some more. Don't forget to check out Ebates when doing your online shopping. Its great to get cash back on things I was already going to buy. :)

Speaking of online shopping I have a couple deals for you....

Stampin' Up is currently having their Online Extravaganza with items and bundles onsale from 20-50% off. There are also some flash deals and all items are while available so don't wait to order if you are interested.

Did you know that Love the Mouse Travel has an online store just for you all! Need a few Disney gifts for your loved one's this Christmas? Make sure and check it out! You'll find Disney novelty gifts on this site that you probably haven't seen anywhere else, along with a few must-have's for any Disney vacation-- like little girl's hairbows and gumball necklaces! 

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL ALERT!! Starting Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) and running through Friday all 8.5" large girls hairbows will be $5 with FREE shipping when you use my promotional code "JENNY" at checkout! We have 12 colors to choose from!!

Aren't those exciting?  And remember if you want to give you kids a trip to Disney just let me know and I can hook you up with that too :)

Have a great week and a great Thanksgiving everyone,

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