Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Wrap Up

Happy Halloween!!!!  I hope everyone had a great time. I know that some areas had some bad weather but we had great weather here. It finally turned cool and the rain held off so we go to really get out.  M and N did the whole neighborhood while C and I just did about half. He had just as much fun when we got home passing out candy. As you can see we do a lot of decorating so we get a lot of trick or treaters. We are guessing that we had over 100 kids come by.

I figured I would make a post and share some of the pictures of our yard and of the boys.  I know everyone is wanting to see Ns costume and here it is!!!

Yes he wanted to be a toilet so he and M set out to create one.  He was the talk of the neighborhood and everyone thought it was just great.  And before you can ask....

No toilet is complete without fake poo in it ;)  He thought it was hysterical and had a great time showing it to everyone.

C loves to Jack Skellington. He has never seen the whole movie but he loves the character in Disney Infinity so that is who he wanted to be. The costume came with an old school style mask and it didn't last long before he had to take it off and just wear his suit.

We go around with the neighbors every year and this was the gang before they got going.

And here they are about half way around.  This is infront of our house and C and I bailed on the rest of the trek once we finished the pictures.

One last picture of the skeleton crew until next year.

So what did everyone at your house dress up as? Did you have any fun and silly costumes?  Do you go all out in your decorating?  We have more decorations but this is all we managed to use this year. We like to mix it up some each year.

Have a great Halloween and enjoy all the candy :)


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