Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Morning Musings

I'm enjoying my last few minutes of quiet while both boys are in school.  C gets out at a normal time and then N gets out early in anticipation of the snow/sleet/ice mix we are going to get this evening into tomorrow which means he will probably be home tomorrow too. We are not equipped for bad weather down here in NC and so when we do get it we miss some days especially if its really icy. Now onto last week and what else for this week.

This is how C plays. He is my kindof OCD kid so he puts things in lots of lines. This is where he made a movie theater for his Minecraft characters. LOL They spent time watching you tube videos.

Valentine's Day morning we went to Toys R Us to use some of the boys birthday gift cards.  C only ended up getting one Disney Infinity character but we had to look at everything.

That night M had to work a concert so I sat in front of the fire and started my book. I got it for Christmas but hadn't read it yet.

Of course when you stay up way to late reading a good book it is easy for the boys to talk me into going to Taco bell for lunch the next day.  I don't mind tacobell but 11am is a little to early for me to be eating it. LOL

Oh and my fun last week was a girls night out to see Dancing with the Pros.  We then had meet-n-greet passes so we got to get a great picture with some of the cast.  It was such a fun show and we had a blast.

This week is all about the cold weather and the snow here.  I have no idea what we will be doing since it is all weather dependent.  I'm sure to share tons of pictures on instagram if you want to follow along HERE.  

Let me know what your week looks like. Are you getting more snow this week too?

Have a great one!!!

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