Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Since we are on a snow day today M has he boys outside sledding on the ice and I'm inside watching TV :)  So it is a perfect time for some TV talk.

I'm starting with Castle. Does anyone watch this? I've watched from the beginning and I still enjoy it every week but last nights episode was WOW!!!  OMG it was so intense and so so so good. It was easily the best episode in a couple years.  I will say that so far having Beckett and Castle married hasn't slowed down the show. You know how sometimes when they finally really get the couple the show just stalls? Not on Castle it has been one thing after another on that show.

Now onto my normal Walking Dead talk.  This week was a bit or a different episode. It was slower then it has been recently but that isn't a bad thing. It also showed that things can get really bad really quick and that its not just walkers that they have to deal with but they have to deal with the elements too.  As I've said before I didn't read the comics but I loved Rick's speech and from what I hear it was pretty much from the comics. It was pretty on point. And can we talk about the tornado.  It is so crazy how they can pick one thing and leave another and it was almost like a gift from god that it took out a ton of walkers for them but left their little barn in tack.  And can we talk about Aaron? I have no idea who he is but I'm guessing he has something to do with the DC area that they are trying to get to.  He was very clean looking so in this world that is a bit of a red flag and I can understand why they don't trust him right off.

Oh my the Vampire Diaries was also good this week. I mean you really needed to watch with some tissues in hand. Not only did we loose Sheriff Forbes but  Jeremy left town too. Granted he really hasn't had much of a story lately it was still emotional and I love how Alaric really gets him and set him up to do some hunting. I thought it was odd that he was going to art school like Elena thinks so the ending works out perfect.  This also leave openings for him to come back eventually if he ever wanted/needed to.  Uhm and wouldn't it be great if Alaric and Jeremy hooked up to do some hunting together? oh and they could meet up with my Supernatural boys ;)  Well a girl can dream. LOL

I hope everyone has a great week and watches good TV.
Talk soon,

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