Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Morning Musings

Wahoo both boys are in school today :)  With last weeks snowy and icy mess this is the first time since last Monday that has happened.  I like being in our normal routine so this makes me very happy. Of course the morning after the Oscars is always rough since I have to stay up and watch them even though I haven't seen many of the movies. LOL

We didn't do a ton this weekend. Friday was my mother-in-laws birthday so we had dinner with her and my bro and sis in law and family.It was really good and my boys had a playing.  Then Saturday I had a girl day and went scrapping with friends. I took my Twilight convention pictures since its a self contained type of project and got a lot of pages done.  Sunday we stayed around the house and picked up and worked in the playroom some more. We also spent time getting ready to go back to school.

This week looks pretty normal. Hopefully school goes all week and then N has pictures on Wed and I'm volunteering to count box tops that morning. M doesn't have any shows this week so he will be around at night too which is always fun. I'm sure he boys will be playing lots of Madden since N used some of his birthday money to buy it for the playstation and its all he wants to play now.  He keeps spouting out football facts like I have any idea what he is talking about.  I just say a lot of yeap and cool and he goes about his researching. LOL

So speaking of the Oscars what did you all think? I thought it was pretty good. I love NPH and I think he did a good job.  I was a little worried when I knew Lady Gaga was performing but I didn't know what she was doing. I'm not a huge fan of hers but I think she did a great job with her tribute and I'm glad she played it straight and just sang the crap out of it.

And another very random but when I went to look for pictures for my post this morning I realized expect for the scrappy pages I did and some toys I'm selling I really didn't take any. The only one I have is this one of some lettuce my sister is growing at my house :)  It's for one of her classes so I send her a picture every couple of days. LOL  oh and with pictures do you all have Timehop app? I love looking at it each day and sharing sometimes but when I looked today I have no pictures for any year for today.  Hmm pretty sure I need to make sure and take a picture of something today so that I will have some next year. ;)

There you go some very random ramblings this morning. How was your weekend? What are you up to this week?

Have a great one,

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