Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


TV time again. Let's just right in and there are spoilers down there today so you are warned. :)

So let's start with the big return this week and the Walking Dead.  It was a bit of a departure I think from their normal episodes and it was a bit slower but it was so well told and done that I'm in the love it category. I am so sad to see Tyreese gone but I do understand that it moves the story along.  The episode also brought up some interesting things that I'm sure we will come across as the show goes on like what was the deal with the torsos in the truck? The bottom half of the walkers were back just outside the fence but the torsos were in the truck. That is really weird and I'm pretty sure we will be revisiting that sometime and it was just a tease now but still odd.  I also wonder how many little neighborhoods they will come across that really tried but just couldn't make it work.  We haven't seen many that have actually walled themselves in and made a run at it and none that we have seen have worked. I get that they are going to Washington and I'm wondering if being that is a bigger scale place that it is working out and how well it is actually working out.  I'm so glad this show is back.

Let's talk last weeks Supernatural.  Who didn't love seeing a young Dean? It was both funny and weird at the same time.  I do love that he had kept his mind so that they knew what was going on but he was a teenager.  Too funny.  The episode was pretty stand alone in nature and didn't do much to work on the overlining arc of the season but it did bring in a bit of the Rowena story so they tied it in that way.  I will say my favorite part of the whole episode might just be the very end when Taylor Swift came on the radio and Dean just kindof smirked when he didn't let Sam change the channel. Music is such a big part of the show that I thought that was so funny.

I love HGTV and really any of the redo shows and with Love It or List it filming close to me I'm loving watching it.  Since the shows normally film in bigger cities the price of the houses they show is always like you have got to be kidding me but being local it's a little more realistic to me. It also has the styles that are a little more me then some of the other locations.  Now if we can get Property Brothers down here I might have to stalk the filming. :)

So those are my random shows this week.  What are you watching and loving?


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