Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Let's Talk TV!!!! I'm very happy that my shows are coming back and with all of that of course I've been picking up a new show.  So let's get to talking.

So with all the TV I already watch I had to pick up another show. I had seen the commercials for Hindsight but hadn't paid too much attention until my friend told me I HAD to watch it (Thanks Kristin :)) So I checked the Tivo and they were having a marathon last Sunday so I recorded the 4 episodes that had been out already and with the rain yesterday I binged them all.  Let's just say OMG it is awesome.  I love the whole look back at the 1995 vibe and the clothes omg the clothes. Did we all look so ridiculous back then? Please tell me we didn't but you know I had most of those clothes in my collection. LOL  I think the show is an interesting idea. Its almost like 17again where she goes back in time but still knows what all happened back then so she can make changes in her life.  I'm curious to see how it plays out and how things will be. I then start to wonder longer and wonder if she ever gets back to the real time in her life but she had already changed history so things are different.  Who knows but for now I'll take all the 1995 goodness.

I like watching The Flash but I was a couple episodes behind and while I had seen Wentworth Miller on a past episode I did not know they had Dominic Purcell was his partner.  I did watch the first couple of seasons of Prison Break so seeing the boys together again is really exciting for me. Then for them to break out again was AWESOME.  I love when a new show pays homage to an old show. Kindof like a little wink wink.

I have also caught up on Reign.  I'm so glad this was picked up for next year as I'm loving this show.  I'm not a history person so all the inaccuracies don't bother me at all but I love the clothes and the turmoil and all the backstabbing. There is also so much action going on and for being a soapy type show it really is pretty fast moving and they don't tend to draw the stories out and out and out like a real soap does.  

What have you been watching and loving lately?  Shoot me a comment and lets talk TV.

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