Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Morning Musings

Morning everyone!!! 
  • Today is Cs 4th birthday. I'm so not sure how my little man has gotten so big.  Time really does fly.

  • Speaking of his birthday we had some family over for dinner last night and he said he had to have a picture with everyone.  He is such a ham.

  • I really think the most exciting thing that happened this weekend was that we worked on the playroom and got it in a more manageable look.  Here is the before and after :)  You can see it really did need some help. At least I was able to get rid of some of the big plastic toys.

  • The weather was AWESOME here in NC this weekend. We were able to be outside without jackets and just play and play.

  • Oh and totally not weekend related but when I was at Target the other day I was walking around and saw the Lipsmakers end cap and I got a little sad since we don't really know what will happen to the lines.  They did however have 3 of my beloved Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers so I had to grab all 3.  

  • So what are you guys planning for this week?  Both my boys have school so we will be here and around town. No real plans other then normal week stuff.
Have a great week everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. You need the jumbo Dr Pepper lip smackers!!!!

    1. I have one I use now and my store didn't have any that I went to this weekend. I will keep looking while I'm out and about. There was a lot of lipsmackers on clearance already though. Only 30% right now but if it goes more I'm grabbing some more flavors.


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