Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I'm linking up with Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom this morning

Hi everyone!!!  Here in NC as you can guess we don't get much of a winter like some of my northern friends but this is our week for snow and ice.  We get mostly ice which is way worse then snow and causes us to be out for days on end.  This day 3 of ours snow days and I'm not holding out hope that they will be going tomorrow.  I am not complaining though since I totally understand that the school system needs to make sure the whole county can get to school and not just my little side of the world ;)

Heading out for the first rides

With the snow days I've been able to finish the book I started on Valentine's day Kresley Cole's Dark Skye and let me say it was really good.  I love her Immortals after dark series and this was a great installment. 

back at it on day 2

I have not since everyone has been here been able to watch all of my shows.  I'll have to work on catching up with those once people go back to school next week. 

In reading Jen's linked post I realized I haven't been to Target's Valentines clearance yet either. Since not many people are actually going out and doing anything here I'm hoping they still have a good selection since I totally plan to hit up Target tomorrow. I'm also hoping that things have gone to 90% off since that is when I like to buy.  I don't really need anything but you know I have to at least look.

day 3 and C throwing snowballs at M

Even though we have been home I'm really feeling the NEED to go to the movies. I still want to see 50 shades and now I want to see The Duff. It looks like an awesome highschool type movie and right up my alley. M actually doesn't have any shows next week so I may sneak away one night and try to hit one up.

fancy hotel is the best game ever

So this picture needs explanation.  My boys play with the neighbors girls all the time and I always laugh when they come over since one of their favorite games is Fancy Hotel and that first involves cleaning the boys rooms. Once they clean the rooms they then play hotel and run up and down the stairs checking in and serving rooms service etc.  I'm pretty sure fancy hotel is my favorite game ever. ;)

So besides them calling for the coldest its been here since 1996 tomorrow morning we are making the best of our winter but I'll be ready or a normal schedule next week.  How are you guys dealing with the winter weather?

Have a great week,

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