Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Happy day before Thanksgiving everyone and a day to link up with Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. :)

  • Welcome to NC weather it was is the 80s the last two days and 60s today and then we may not make it to 50 on Saturday.  The weather is crazy at the change of seasons.  I just hope we keep the dry Halloween night tomorrow that they are calling for.
  • There is an article in out paper today about how scrunchies are making a comeback. LOL uhm can we all agree to just say NO to the scrunchie and while we are at it lets keep the banana clips in the 80s too ;)
  • Uhm the house is all decorated and the boys are ready but we have NO candy. I think that needs to be corrected today. Not sure how we have managed to miss out on the candy. I wonder if I can talk M into just buying fruit snacks for everyone. LOL The boys would love that but I think M might have more of an issue with it.
  • Is anyone watching True Tori? They have some real issues and while I'm not sure that being on TV is the way to deal with them but at least it doesn't feel like they are glossing over any of the issues. They are laying them all out there and while we aren't seeing all the discussions and what is going on 24/7 they are bringing up lots of things.
  • I still haven't packed for my scrapping retreat next week which means I will end up tossing way to much stuff in some totes this weekend and calling it good. I had such high hopes of being organized this time but with Halloween and a birthday party I just don't see that happening.
So how random was that today?  My brain is a little all over this morning. I'll need to settle down here soon to do some Disney work but that always focuses my brain. :)

Have a great Thursday and a Happy Halloween,


  1. lol pretty random!!! i have 4 tubs of decorations in the basement that had better come upstairs today. unfortunately my husband has to work and baby is asleep right now so i have some blog posts to queue up!

    1. I know my brain is just bouncing today. Just one of those days I guess.


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