Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Fave Five Blog Hop

It's been a busy week but I'm back today linking up with Jennifer for her Friday Fave Five with Mom's Got Mail. .  

Favorite Upcoming Season Premiere

Uhm yea lets just start here. It is not only a Favorite show but WOWsers is that a Favorite man right there.  LOL 

Favorite Disney Vera Backpack
Favorite Disney Vera bag. I actually have a Vera backpack that I pretty much only use when I go to Disney World but its pretty old and I noticed its starting to show its age so why not want/get a new Disney version to take its place ;)

Favorite New Christmas Toy Idea

I've been on some of the mom's groups and they are talking about Christmas gifts and a lot of women were talking about Snap Circuits. How did I not know that these existed. M and I are both electrical engineer majors from college so this is perfect. N already has this mind of thought so I think he will think its great.

Favorite Kid Music

Oh my who remembers Kidz Bop?  These started after my time but my sister was all into them when she was younger and now N has discovered them and he is obsessed. Not just with Kidz Bop but music in general and is telling me all about different artists and their songs and what they are about (at least what he thinks they are about at 6;)) These are at least a little cleaner versions of some of the songs he keeps wanting to listen too.

Favorite Disney moment

The new Disney discount came out yesterday and I'm loving the image they sent out with it. These are so cute and who doesn't love Mickey and Minnie.  It also meant I got to spend yesterday helping get the discount applied to people's existing reservation and work on quoting out new trips for people. It was a busy and fun Disney day. Here is the new offer deal if you are interested. You can Play, Stay, Dine and Save up to $600 on a 5-night/6-day room, ticket and dining plan package for a family of four at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels! For stays most nights Dec. 14-20, 2014 and Jan. 5 – March 7, 2015. And as with all the disney info like my facebook page for the deals as soon as they are released Jenny @ Love the Mouse Travel.

So that is all my fun and excitement and current Faves for the week. What has you excited this week?


  1. I love Disney! That picture is so cute!!!
    I'd never heard of Snap circuits before but I just looked them up and they look like so much fun. I can't believe it's time to start Christmas shopping already.

    1. I've already got alot of my Christmas for my boys done but I need to add this into the mix. They are perfect and I think N would have a great time working on this with M.


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