Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I've missed a couple weeks but I'm on today to link up with Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. :)

  • N is back in school this week and I feel like C and I are getting so much done.  Last week with N home I think we did something everyday and didn't get much done but quality together time ;) so I'm glad to be back on schedule.
  • One of the last days with N home we went to the park to feed the ducks.  Both boys think that is AWESOME and really they could have stayed there for hours if we had more bread.

  • We now have a picture wall in our neighborhood. LOL its not official but everytime we take a walk my boys have decided we have to take a picture on the wall.  So be ready since I'm sure to have more of these to come this fall.

  • I'm doing pretty good keeping up with my tv shows this season. I'm really into some of them and I really want to watch them.  I post about most of those on Tuesday but I get happy just thinking about the good shows. I hope they keep going and being good.  I'm also glad that the full pick ups are coming in and I want to know what the first big show to be cancelled will be.
  • This could totally go with a what I love post but I'm in love with the weather right now. I love mid 60s to low 70s and I can comfortable wear jeans and not die when I go outside.  It is perfect out there right now.

  • Do you let your kids play with your phone?  I really don't mind when mine do so when we are out or in the car and they ask I usually just pass it back to them.  However that usually means I end up with about 50 pictures that look a whole lot like this. LOL  I'm not even sure how to get the little postage stamp on my pictures but they think its hysterical.

  • So I really need to get moving this morning. C and I have no plans but N has to go to school so I should get going to he can get up. LOL #slowmovingmorning and I can't blame sleep as I was in bed out before about 10:30.  Maybe I got way to much sleep. 
  • I'm really enjoying sharing all my crafty projects with you this week. I need to work more crafting into my schedule and more sharing.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway while you are here for the My Paper Pumpkin kit !!!
Have a great Thursday everyone. Anyone have big plans for the weekend? We are going to finish Halloween prep and just hang out.  Should be a great one.


  1. Gorgeous park! And boys too ;)

    I let my kiddos play with my phone too. (I try to limit it a little or they seem to start feeling a little entitled to it.) At least you are getting pics of their faces! I get pics of the floor.

    I haven't ran into a crafty blog in a long time. It reminds me how behind I am on my scrapbooks! It's all fun until I start trying to race through it. Maybe your pictures can inspire me! :)

    1. Thanks I used to be much better about crafting but I've been a little slack lately. I need to make time for it as it relaxes me and makes me so happy.


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