Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Musings

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I'm back for some musings. It was a busy morning here with being Monday and getting both boys to school and then I went to Ns school to help sort and count the BoxTops for Education. It is a great program that gets the school some money back.  Does your school use them? If not and you want to collect them let me know and I will work with collecting them from you for Ns school.:)

I really don't know where October has gone.  With N home on track out and then just going back it has been a blur and now this weekend is Halloween and next week I head out to my early girls scrapping trip!!! (Hi girls!!!)  I can not wait and need to start sorting and packing up for that.

Last week was so pretty here and C has his harvest party at preschool. We took a hayride around the farm across the street from his school. He loved it and keeps telling us all about it.

Then the next day he and I headed up to the clubhouse in my neighborhood and we played on the playground for about and hour and then he wanted to go into the playroom.  I was like sure so we went in and he spent almost 2 more hours playing barbies. LOL I'm pretty sure that is the whole reason he wanted to go to the clubhouse was so he could play with the dolls.

Of course once N got home they had to go outside and ride their scooters and when we came in C crashed on the couch helmet and all.

HaHa I'm glad the helmet is protecting him from the couch. ;)

This week looks just as crazy.  I counted boxtops this morning and N has run club so by the time he gets home it will be dinner time. Then tomorrow we have playgroup and Wednesday C is out of school but I have his teacher conference that morning.  Thursday should be slower but we will finish up being ready for Halloween and then it is Friday and Halloween in here. My nephew has his birthday party on Saturday so we will be up and early that morning too.  I'm kindof tired just writing it all out. LOL

But I do love fall and the great weather. While it will be in he 80s tomorrow they are calling for 50s and 60s this weekend. I'm ready and so very excited.

Now onto my Monday Disney update...As always you can get the most recent info on my Facebook page

I know we are all getting in the fall and holiday mood now, but Spring Break 2015 isn't that far off!
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Dining reservations open up at 180 days out from travel, which means guests are already booking their dining for their March and April trips. Discounts available for March currently and discounts for April/May should be released later on, but you can book now and I"ll apply eligible discounts for you when released.
So what are you waiting for? Contact me at for your FREE quote today. I am here to help as much or as little as you like.

So what does your week look like? Are you ready for Halloween? What are your kids going as? Do you dress up? I'm wearing a witchy shirt but that is about it.

Have a great week,

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