Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday


I'm back again this week for some more chatting about tv shows.  As stated above I may give spoilers if you haven't watched so either skip this post or I post a picture of the show about he discussion so you can skip that section.  As I've said before this may or may not be the shows from this past week as I use my Tivo to its fullest so sometimes I'm behind but so far this season I'm still kindof close to on time. So far anyway ;)

If you haven't seen my fall TV chart you can check it out HERE.  There are still many shows that haven't started yet and some new ones I haven't watched yet but here are a couple I have watched and have comments on ;)

The Vampire Diaries - Can I say that I'm loving Bonnie and Damon together. They are the friends who love to hate each other and its fun to watch. I'm not sure who this Kai character is or why he seems to know what all is going on but he does add a little fun to the VD 90s version.  Now for the other characters. Way to go Caroline with the finally admitting that she has feelings for Stefan.  But then for him to walk out and leave WOW he is a jerk can we say that. Almost like he is his brother now but he does have jerky tendencies when he is full on vamp so it was bound to come out when he is vamp-lite too.  Now to figure out the Mystic Falls group stuff and hope that Enzo makes it out. He is fun to watch on the screen as a foe to the boys so he needs to survive.

The Walking Dead - ok who all watched? OMG wasn't it good?  It was not as fast paced as the first episode but there really was so much going on and so much we found out.  I did not read the comics so I don't have that to fall back on but I have a friend who gets all my questions :) So I wanted to know what the deal with Gabriel is and it looks like there is more to him. I don't see anyway he is still alive with the way he is acting. So he either has someone helping him or he really isn't that helpless. I guess we will see for that one.  Now to that ending. Can we just say ew and poor Bob :(  I was surprised as I was thinking he went outside to cry since he really had gotten bit by that underwater walker and he knew he was going to turn but then he got nabbed. So if he was bit somewhere and they cooked and ate the other leg will they turn too? or do they have to die first?  Since everyone has the disease in them already but they have to die how does it work if you were to say eat walker?  I don't know but I'm curious to see.  Now onto Carol and Daryl. Was she getting ready to run off on her own again? or was she just keeping her options open? But then Daryl saw the car and off they go. I know they will catch back up eventually but I'm excited to see what is going on with Beth.

Scorpion - I actually really like this show. I know it got some mixed reviews when it started but I think its really working out well. I know that the characters are supposed to be geniuses and they do some really smart things but they don't take it over the top with how socially inept they are. So I think that makes the show work better. If they were always so awkward with people it would make the show weird and hard to watch.  Now for last nights episode which M and I actually watched.  When the FBI agent Cabe came walking out of the ocean M immediately thought of a bond movie and I went to the actors Robert Patrick's role from Terminator 2 where he is the silver terminator and he comes walking out of the molten stuff.  No idea where that came from since I haven't seen that movie in forever but it is where my head went and I thought oh that is so great they had a little wink wink for the actor. Random I know.

So those are my random show babble for today. What shows do you want to talk about? I love spoilers so even if I haven't seen it yet I don't care just leave a comment and we can chat. :)

Happy watching!!!!

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