Tuesday, October 28, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday


Who is ready for some TV Talk?  I'm here this week to talk on a couple shows and give an update on my chart and how its going.

If you haven't seen my fall TV chart you can check it out HERE.  There are still many shows that haven't started yet and some new ones I haven't watched yet but here are a couple I have watched and have comments on ;)

So I was just looking at my chart with CBS switching up their schedule this week without football on Thursday and realized I'm watching a couple shows that didn't make the chart and I haven't watched a show that did make the chart.

I've been watching NCIS: New Orleans and I really like it. I don't watch either of the other NCIS shows but this one I like.  I love New Orleans so that could be some of it but it is good to watch and the cast seems to work well together. I set a season pass for it so I can keep up.

I'll admit I was really excited for Shield last year and then I only got through about Christmas. For some reason after the holidays we stopped recording it and I didn't really miss it but I randomly caught the first episode this season and I'm hooked again.  I can't record it since my Tivo is busy when its on but I've been catching it on demand and that is working for now. I'm excited again to see where the show is going. I'm not sure if its that they have less now and its a little more gritty then all the flashy last season or what but its working for me.

Now to a show I was really really excited to watch when I first heard of it but I haven't watched it yet is Gotham.  Does anyone watch? Do you like it?  I'm still recording it but I'm just not into watching it yet but I'm hoping to block out a couple hours one night and try out some episodes and see how it goes.  I just haven't had the pull to that yet.

So who watched Sunday already?  If you didn't STOP reading now!!!  I mean it STOP!!!  So OMG that was a very interesting episode.  I had an idea about Bob and I'm kindof glad I was right but I really through Gareth would be a pest to our group for a while more.  That scene was very gory even for the walking dead. Now onto my confusion. I get why Abraham wants to get Eugene to DC but why did Glenn say he would go so fast. The group just got all together and he willingly left to go with the others.  It just seemed a little fast to me. I know they will all be together again but who knows how long until that is.  And lets talk about the teaser for next week. Who do you think was with Daryl in the woods?  I'm guessing not Carol since no way she would have hidden back while he went ahead and then if it was Beth why would she also hide.  It was a little weird.  I've read some thoughts on who it was but its all speculation so I'll hold back on saying but I'm curios.  Looks like next week is about Beth, Daryl and Carol so we will get some answers.

Supernatural I don't know how I feel about last weeks episode.  I think that Jensen was AWESOME as Dean last week and showing all the turmoil in his changing but I'm not sure I'm happy that he isn't a demon anymore so quickly in the season.  I really thought he would stay a demon a little longer and have that play out more. I liked demon Dean he looked like he was having so much fun and he will be missed.  I do love that Crowley is basically the one who stepped in to help. Mark Sheppard is the man and that is all you can say about him. I met him at the convention and he is such a great panelist and has been in so many shows he has so many stories.

Those are just a couple of my randoms for this week that really stuck out to me.  Have you seen anything that really jumped out to you?  Oh and the first official cancellation of the season was announced last week in Manhattan Love Story. I didn't watch it but I think the comedies this year were at a disadvantage since they all seemed very much the same to me and they all kindof started running together. :(  I'm sure we will have some more cancellations soon.  Oh and they did announce that Scorpion and NCIS: New Orleans got full season orders yesterday which makes me happy.  I'm pretty sure some other shows already did too which will at least let them see if they can get some footings.  Did you see the The Flash pilot was the most watched show in CW history?  That really is AWESOME and it is such a great show.  Did any of you watch Constantine?  I recorded it and plan to watch it this week if I get a chance.  Was it good?

So I was wrong I guess I had more randomness. LOL

Happy TV Day,

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