Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Fave Five Blog Hop

I'm back again linking up with Jennifer for her Friday Fave Five with Mom's Got Mail. .  

I was randomly looking on the Kohls site and came across these AWESOME rainboots.  They are by MukLuks which is a brand I've come to love from my Wantable boxes but I had no clue they made rainboots. These might just be making my Christmas list.

Let's talk about another thing that just made my Christmas list. :)  I'm in love with this Dooney & Burke bag from the Disney.  I was looking at the new bags and had never really looked at them before but I'm loving this one.  It made the list.

Oh my since I go to watch my shows last night and both Vampire Diaries and Reign were good. I'm going with Reign as my favorite Thursday night premiere. If you don't watch this show then you really need too.  It was easily my favorite new show last season and from this first episode it is not disappointing me.

Really do I need to mention this forecast? The weather next week looks perfect. I have told you all before how much I love the 70s and next week is going to deliver.

I know I've shared this before but as much as I try and use other chapsticks I always go back to my tried and true favorite Dr. Pepper.  I always have a little giggle when I go to the basically little kid section in the makeup aisle to get my fix. :)

So those are my Faves of the moment. What are you guys loving right now?



  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it awesome? I put it on my list in big letters and a link ;) Maybe they will get the hint or at least maybe for my 40th next March.

  2. Can't go wrong with the Mouse! I really want one of the vintage Disneyland print bags but I don't see it happening quickly =) I hope you get yours!

  3. I have never tried that chapstick! Your weather makes me super jealous! i is more like 40-60's here in Boston!

    1. Oh my that is too cold for here. LOL they have changed our forcast already and are saying low 80s later this week now :( I want my 70s back.

  4. I love Reign as well. I thought the episode was very good, but I think he should have let the woman and baby go! I also watch the Originals, and I prefer it to Vampire Diaries now. I think Vampire Diaries has become a little stale and I really only watch it for Ian now, so they better bring him back to "life".

    1. I'm totally with you on VD and the Originals. I actually plan to watch this weeks Originals tonight. Did you watch VD last night? We got some answers but I want more Damon always ;)


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