Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday


I'm back again this week for some more chatting about tv shows.  As stated above I may give spoilers if you haven't watched so either skip this post or I post a picture of the show about he discussion so you can skip that section.  As I've said before this may or may not be the shows from this past week as I use my Tivo to its fullest so sometimes I'm behind but so far this season I'm still kindof close to on time. So far anyway ;)

If you haven't seen my fall TV chart you can check it out HERE.  There are still many shows that haven't started yet and some new ones I haven't watched yet but here are a couple I have watched and have comments on ;)

I'm starting with a Thursday night round up.

I love love love Bones. I started watching back at the beginning since I'm a huge David Boreanaz fan and had watched Angel religiously but I've kept it on since even though its a procedural drama its still fun and I really care about all the characters. With that being said HOLY COW I was so not ready for Sweets to die in the premiere.  For some reason I don't keep up with spoilers and I was so confused with what I saw after the episode until I watched it. M and I both watch this so I waited until we were together and we watched the first two episodes the other night.  I now know that the actor John Francis Daley asked to be let off the show since he is so busy with other things but still he was such an integral part he will be missed. I do love the twist with Daisy and I love her on the show so I hope she stays around for awhile.  Although the new Booth agent is a little too Sweets looking so not sure how he will play out. He is all gung ho and ready to help so we'll see.

There has only been one episode so far and I liked it.  I thought it was good and I'm glad it did a little time jump so that we can see how everyone is trying to get along but it was a little weird.  I was very happy to see Alaric on my screen again.  Sorry his other show didn't work out but I do love him and am glad that he is back.  The classroom scene was so fun with him calling Elena out. Loved it.  Now lets talk about the ending. I read a review just after that they asked if Damon and Bonnie were caught in the 90s Seattle and that is exactly what it looked like.  I've since seen the previews so that looks to be pretty close to accurate and I'm excited to see where it goes with them. I know that they will eventually be back with the rest of the gang but I like them together so this could be fun.

Of my shows last Thursday I will say that this one won the night for me.  Reign is truly an awesome show and if you don't already watch you need to try and catch last season so you can pick up with this one. The Black Plague was a great vehicle to really push Mary to be the queen.  I'm not a huge history buff so the discrepancies don't really bother me and I love the elegance looking of the costumes and the period pieces. This show continues to keep me excited to watch it each week and I don't see that changing anytime soon. There will be some repercussions to the premiere episode with both Mary and the baby so that is soon to come.

And now onto less heavy and more fluff show. Hi my name is Jenny and I'm addicted to Awkward ;)  My friend has been telling me to watch this for a couple years and this summer I caught up through season 3 and was waiting for the first half of season 4 to come on Prime so I could catch up. Randomly I looked and it was on their this weekend so I watched 9 episodes on Saturday and then watched the 10th episode and the first two new episode which I Tivod on Sunday so I am all caught up to date. Woohoo  Can we talk about Eva she was just crazy crazy crazy and I was so excited when Matty told her off. Way to go Matty.  I figure that all the kids will end up at college together but it will be fun to see them finish out their senior year and what else goes on.  And can I just say I want to go to their school. They do so many trips and events its amazing. I know its for tv but really so many things.

Upcoming this week!!!

Since C decided to sleep in this morning I was able to watch the Supernatural special that aired last night and it really was a thank you to the fans for supporting them. Being that I'm addicted to the show I knew some of the stories told but I'm always glad to hear them again.  But who has seen the preview?  OMG it looks so amazing and I really am hoping that demon Dean sticks around for a bit since he looks so fun and so different that it is going to be a hoot.  So no one talk to me tonight as I will be very busy watching my boys and you know I will be back next week to talk about them.

So what other shows are you loving so far this season? Once we get past all the premiers I'm probably going to have some more random shows and repeats to talk about but are their any I need to watch and talk about. I still haven't made it to watching Gotham or Castle yet but I'm sure to catch up soon and this week is also the premiere of Arrow and The Flash which I'm very excited for.

So much watching to do I can't wait.
Happy TV,


  1. I didn't catch that Damon and Bonnie were in 90s Seattle. I ship Dalena hard so I don't like them being separated but now I'm actually kind of excited to watch!

    1. Did you watch last night? So good and we got some answers.

  2. I did- I loved the eerie ending with the mystery of who's in the house with Damon and Bonnie. I can't wait to watch tonight's episode!


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