Monday, June 15, 2015


I'm not sure how but it is already Monday and I'm back linking up with Becky over at Choose Happy for her Currently Monday post again.


Dreading--- This weather.  I know I was just raving on the great temperatures we've been having but we are going to make up for it this week. :(  We haven't hit 100°F in three years but that will be going away this week.  Ugh C and I ran a quick errand this morning and now we are hibernating in the house.

Amused--- So if you read my blog you know that we are NCState Wolfpack fans and N is currently obsessed with sports so his goto pose now is making WOLF signs with his hands every time I take a picture. LOL  It really is ok but I think its going to be funny we when go back through the scrapbook in years to come and see them in every picture he is in.  

Enjoying--- exploring.  Last week before it got so incredible hot our playgroup went to a local park that has a bridge with lots of turtles under it. The kids had a great time playing and exploring and watching the turtles swim around.

Planning--- inside activities. Since it is going to be so hot outside C and I will be doing lots of inside activities.  So far this morning we've cleaned up a bit and played store.  Now I'm taking a minute to finish up this post and do a little Disney work while he is crafting in the kitchen.  He really is great and we will have a blast and just hope that it cools down a bit this week so we can head back to the pool.

I'd like to thank Becky for this linkup each week. I'm really having fun and its a great way to share whats been going on in my life and take time to look at some of the little things that I might miss in another format.

Have a great week everyone and if you are in this heat wave try and stay cool.


  1. Fun answers and hope you keep nice and cool! :) PS I love watching turtles, too - such an adorable photo of all the kids on the bridge.

  2. HOLY HEATWAVE!!! It is in the low 70's in Wisconsin today. Highs in low 80's this weekend. Stay cool!

    Fun field trip!!! Love turtles!!
    Have a great rest of your week & thank you SOOOO much for joining my Currently Link Up this week :)

    1. Oh my I would love 70s in June. Unfortunatly I think the 90s are here to stay in NC and will be that way until probably late Sept :(


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