Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


So yes I know it's Wednesday but I just never got to this yesterday so I figured better late then never. :)

Yes I know this one ended months ago but M and I just watched the last 7 episodes.  White Collar is one that we have watched from the beginning but since it comes on USA at such random times we have always binged it once we've had a bunch of them so no reason to not do that with the last of the series.  I was pretty happy with the way it ended. You all know that I love a good recap and/or a flash forward for a show when we know its ending but since White Collar isn't that kindof show I think them show how Neal is off on a new journey is pretty good. I'm also glad that they let Peter in on the fact that Neal wasn't actually dead but the question remains does Mozie know? He had the card that Peter found in the storage unit but I'm still not sure. I just don't know how long he would really have stayed around if he knew Neal was somewhere else. I guess if he knew it was all part of a con he would stay away  but then you never know if Neal thinks he is trying to protect him.  Overall a great ending to a really fun series.

So yes I know this is a really old show but come on who doesn't love Buffy The Vampire Slayer?  It is one of the best shows that has been on and it is going to be on ABCfamily starting next week. They are doing a week of fan favorites before starting from the beginning and you know even though I own the whole series on DVD I may need to watch it on tv. :) And incase you hadn't seen ABCfamily is also going to be showing Dawsons Creek too. While I watched it to start I didn't finish out the series for some reason so I may record and try to catch it too.

Now onto one of my summer guilty pleasures and So You Think You Can Dance. I don't really pay a ton of attention to the audition rounds but I did this year so I could check out the judges table. I think they are doing a good job so far and they do mesh well together ;)  We will see if they get annoying as some of the others have as the season progresses.  I'm also not sold on this new format and I want to see how it plays out in the actual competition, While I'm very happy to have extra time to watch Twitch and Travis part of what makes this so fun is that the contestants are thrown into dances they don't really know and if they are only doing things in their wheel house will it really be as fun? I haven't actually looked to see if they are keeping the format the whole time or only until they get to a certain stage so I'll have to tune in and watch.

So what summer shows are you looking forward to?

Happy viewing,


  1. I don't watch any of these!!! We need a linkin!!! Did you watch PLL yet?

    1. Not last nights yet but maybe I'll get to it tonight. Hmm ok I'll have to see how to do a linkup. So get ready for one next week ;)


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