Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I'm back for another Thursday and a check-in and link up with Jen for some Thursday Thoughts with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.  

  • This week has really been a blur. We had so many plans for things to do but with the rain our plans have been going out the window. :(  We did manage to go to the park on Monday and to an indoor playspace yesterday but we can't make it to the Lavender Farm or the pool due to rain and temperature.  We are hoping to get the the farm next week before it closes for the season and the pool well that will come I'm sure as it gets warm again.

  • Speaking of the weather. I am beyond excited for the low 70s we've had the last couple of days. If you know me you know I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl so anytime I can wear jeans and not melt in June I'm all for it. :) Now if the rain would stop and I could enjoy the outside in my jeans I'd be even more happy.

  • The other day M came home and we were going to grill but of course it started raining about 10 min before he got home so we decided to go out to eat.  We went to Uncle Maddios which is a pizza place here and the boys both wanted to sit with M and since they have bigger booths they all piled in.  It really was cute but you know what was even better? I got a whole side to myself and that made me beyond excited. LOL  I know I know its the little things. ;)

  • Very random but I have this plant growing in my front yard and I'm thinking it might be pumpkin? What do you think? This is next to my front porch and we do set our pumpkins there at Halloween so it wouldn't be out of the question but the boys are all taking bets and keeping an eye on it.  Ignore all the stuff going on around it. Note to self make sure you read all the directions when buying plants and don't put a ground cover near the house. LOL we pull it out and it just keeps coming back :(

  • Uhm yea I mentioned this the other day but did any of you watch the Pretty Little Liars premiere this week? It was so good and I have so many questions.  I'm ready for next weeks like right now.

So that is it from here for now.  C and I are staying home today and I'm trying to get some cleaning done. I'm also going through the new Stampin' Up catalog to see what all I want and booking for dining in December at WDW started today so I'm working on that with clients too. It's going to be a fun couple of days. :)

Happy Thursday!!!

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