Tuesday, June 2, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday - The Season Recap

Back this week to talk about the shows I did keep up with this season.  Last week I talked about the shows I dropped and or were cancelled so this week is about the shows that will be back in the fall.  If you want to see my fall chart you can check it out HERE. Again I'm going day by day based on my chart.  There are minor SPOILERS below so read at your own risk. ;)


  • The Originals - I really like this show and I think its really hitting its stride now.  Klaus is such a fun bad guy and I can't way for next season when we deal with the wolves, the witches and of course the Michealsons.
  • Scorpion - M and I watch this show together and we both enjoy it. It ended with not too much of a cliffhanger but it still has lots to go over in the new season.
  • Castle - Another show M and I watch together but we are behind. I'm actually watching an episode now as I'm working on this. We have a couple more to go and will watch those soon.
  • The Flash - A personal favorite of mine from this season. I also love that both N and C like to watch it with me.  I'm curious to see how the new season will deal with the fall out of the final episodes and the Dr Wells revelations.
  • Supernatural - Uhm this ended up the season on Wednesday but since it started on Tuesday I'll talk here. That ending was OMG amazing. I was shocked and loved it and since it had an early pickup they were able to leave it as a cliffhanger that really rocked us.  So much left unanswered and a big set up for next season. I'm sure there will be a new big bad but I'd love it if was more about our core group and their internal struggles.
  • Agents of Shield - while not on the chart I tried watching the first season and got about half through and then this season I started again and liked it again however when it went on hiatus for Christmas I somehow never got back into it. LOL I guess this is a show that I watch for half a season but since I did like it and I've liked some of the updates for the new season so I might catch up on this this summer.
  • Arrow - I know some people didn't care much for this season but I liked it. I am kindof over all the flashbacks so I'd be glad if they limited those next season and can we talk about the ending?  Seeing Oliver and Felicity drive off together was so great and I loved it.
  • Big Bang Theory - This is on the chart on Monday but since it moved to Thursday I'm talking about it here.  I though this was a strong season for the show and the ending with the ring. So much to lead into for next season.
  • Bones - I still like Bones and really I turn it on TNT almost daily as my background noise but somehow M and I got really behind this season so we have about 10 episodes to watch this summer.  We will have mini-marathons as the summer goes on.
  • Vampire Diaries - I've talked about this one before and it is a favorite of mine and I think I'm in the minority but I'm glad Elena is gone and I can see that there is so much material and directions they can take the show now. As long as they don't make Damon dwell too much on being sad I think it will all be good and will put some life back into the show. I was kindof over the love triangle that wasn't really a triangle anymore.
  • Reign - Still an awesome show.  Really if you haven't watched this one then you should catch up on it. The costumes and the musical score of the show are so great and the characters are very engaging.  Next year looks to be fun with the introduction of all the English. So far they have been talked about but not seen so this is an interesting twist and to have them working with Catherine has bad news written all over it. LOL She is one mother-in-law I would not want to have ;)
  • Elementary - Again another show M and I watch together and we are so very behind in so we will watch this summer. I like to actually pay attention to this one so its not easy to watch when we are still waiting on the boys to go to sleep and/or are yelling at them to go back to bed.  
  • Once Upon a Time - This season started off with Frozen and ended with Villains. I'm not sure you could go wrong with that combination. I like how the Frozen had a story line that wasn't what I think anyone was really expecting and that once it ran its course they let them go and didn't make some way for them to hang around.  The Villains are fun and who doesn't like a bad guy. This will lead us into next season so there is so much more to learn from it all.
  • The Walking Dead - I know most of this chart is  network TV but how can I leave this out. Hmm maybe I'll do another post with non-network shows.  This season was good as always and while I was sad to see so many people go I think that it stays true to what you would expect from the circumstances of an apocalypse.  If everyone was always safe then the show would get stale pretty fast.  Now if they kill off Daryl I might revolt but other then him I'm pretty open to anyone else getting the boot ;) There are always other new strangers to meet as they wonder around.
So that is my season review.  I know there are other shows that I watch that didn't make the chart and I'm drawing a blank on now but I'll try and catch them up as I go this summer.  And of course I can't wait to get my Entertainment Weekly this summer with all the highlights from the fall season and I can make my new chart.

Have a great summer viewing season!!!

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