Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


So this week I am going to concentrate on a couple summer guilty pleasures that have just started. :)  I'm also going to post a link up so if you would like to talk some TV link up and let's share our TV love with each other.

First up is newbie Astronaut Wives Club.  There has only been one episode so far and while I liked it I don't think I actually get the show yet. The cast is so large I hope that as we go on they narrow it down a bit so we can really get invested in a couple of them. I do like the time period and the outfits and style of the show so with all that and it taking place around the aerospace stuff I'll tune in for a little fun each week.

The first show leads into Mistresses which started its second season in just as much soapy glory as the first season had. I was a little concerned with how they were going to write Alyssa Milano out and I think they have done ok so far. She basically ran away which makes perfect sense considering what she saw.  I'm glad they didn't just ignore her exit or kill her off or anything.  Now lets talk about the new lady.  I'm thinking she'll be a friend in the end but she is having an interesting introduction.  I can't wait until she meets the other girls and see how they all seem to act together.

This might be the biggest guilty pleasure I watched last week.  Unreal is on Lifetime and is about the behind the scenes working of a reality show ala the Bachelor.  It is just totally crazy and now I really want to know if the real shows are this way. I mean I know they are all "scripted" for good ratings but wow there is so much more here then I could have even thought about.  I am curious how this one will work if it gets picked up for another season.  The show is going through the contestants pretty fast so I'm guessing we will end with the finale of that one which would mean we need a new suitor for next season maybe? of course I'm still thinking that the current suitor Adam kindof has a thing for our main girl Rachel.  I'm sure that will play into all this sometime soon.  If you are looking for something just crazy fun then check this one out.

So those are my latest guilty pleasures.  Of course the biggest summer guilty pleasure time suck starts on Wednesday and you know I will be watching.  It is Big Brother time and as usual I will be ready to expect the unexpected ;)

Have a great week and join the link up below!!!


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