Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TV Talk Tuesday


Time for some TV talk this week.  I started adding a link up to this post last week so feel free to join in and share your tv talking fun. I'm up for all talk and I'm a spoiler junkie so I can probably talk your show even if I don't watch it. LOL

Let's start this week with one of summers guiltiest pleasures and talk some Big Brother.  It is way to early for me to pick any favorites but I think they have a couple of characters in the house this season.  I wasn't overly fond of the way they had them enter the house this year with the multiple days and stuff and really does anyone like Battle of the Block? They said it was a viewers favorite but really it seems like just too much work. I mean I like the idea of more comps but I'm not sure that is the best way to do it. Everything just seems so rushed.  I am intrigued with the idea of change ups each week. I mean I know that they can do whatever they want whenever they want but now we are all going to be expecting some changes in the game. Once they start tossing some people out I'll start to get a feel for who I like. Do you guys have any favorites yet?

Summer also means the start of Food Network Star.  I always like this one since I feel like I can make a lot of the dishes that the contestants make. Now could I make them no way but I like to think that I could. LOL I also like to critique their presentations and wonder what in the world they were thinking sometime.  As with Big Brother I'm not sure if I have a favorite yet.  Give me a week or so and I'm sure to have one that I love. Do you watch? Do you have a favorite yet?

Does anyone else watch American Ninja Warrior? This is really more of an M show but since its on while I'm working on this post it made me think of it.  These people are truly beasts and I must say they have to be a little crazy. I mean I understand fitness but wow I'm not sure why you would want to even try to do some of these stunts.  In that regard I would also love to see the people who come up with the obstacles and how that all come together. It seems like they go what torturous things can we try and make these people do.

Special Mention this week to the new Scream tv show. Is anyone going to check this out? I'm setting the Tivo and I'll probably try it but I just don't know.  The movies are such classics and yes I know that they were a long time ago but you know I am old so they don't feel that old to me. LOL  I'm curious to see how they translate that awesomness to a tv show.

Have a great week and enjoy your TV time!!!

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